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  1. I can show you what else I am doing. I make different elements for ships, all the fittings. Also doing tools for making ship parts video-1483009071.mp4
  2. I got plans from man who hired me to do make that ship. That model is now in New York on some better place. It is not mine and I dont have permission to give it or sell it. Pearwood is not straight its wavy. I really dont know what is that kind. For finishing I apply linseed oil. I will upload if there would be some project. I would like to do this more often but its harder and harder to find buyer for this work. I also made carvings for ships and If you know someone you can recommend me.
  3. Thank you, gentlemen, for comments. They really existed. I own a large collection of plans.Here are some plans I want to share with you. scan504r.tif
  4. Good morning, gentlemen!I wanted to show you something from my collection. I've been carving for years. I have a great experience. I have a serious tool. In 2010, I was visiting Ivan Trtanj, in Kressbronn, Germany. He is my countryman, he lived in Zrenjanin not far from me. That meeting left a strong impression and inspired me.I immediately accept his advice, because what he did for me was a new and quite new direction in building a model of ships.
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