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  1. Hi Guys, A quick update...the Bounty has been in careful storage for some time now. In the meantime, I've been working on a Garden Railroad project in my backyard (it's all Captain Al,s fault ).....and needless to say it's taken much longer than I thought it would. Assuming I can get all the track installed by the end if the year.....I hope to get back to the Bounty build early in 2018. The planking is about 2/3 done and I'm very happy with the result so far. I'll make another post early in the new year...one way or the other. Dave, It's a fine model and I'm happy with the AL kit. FYI - I'm applying two 1 mm layer of planks on the hull because of the wide spacing of the frames (needs more support for the level of quality I'm after - exactly like my main deck). I just changed out some of the building materials as noted in my log. I'm using Boxwood for the hull planks...about 40% of them are cut from sheets to accomplish the correct lateral bends needed in the bow and stern....this is what held me up for soooo long Cheers
  2. Hi Al, She looks beautiful, one of the best planking jobs I've seen on this very difficult hull type. Put her in a case and enjoy the work you've done. And thanks for all your help and support on my build...still years away from completion
  3. Welcome Paul, And please accept my apology for the late response. I only saw your comment on my build log yesterday. A bit of a long story, but I've been wrapped up in a major backyard project and haven't been working on the Bounty lately or paying close enough attention to my MSW notifications. All I can say is you’re doing a great job so far and paying close attention to detail. Kudos to you for doing your homework by reading all the build logs for this excellent model. Like you, I was inspired by others that came before me…Captain Al and Captain Fisher, the only two logs available at the time, and masterful work to say the least. So I doubt I would have taken on this build without their help. You mentioned having “trepidation” about the planking of this hull. That would be a perfect word for what was on my mind as I approached the task. So here I am 9 months later and I’m still only two thirds done with the planking. For many reasons I won’t go into on this log, I’ve chosen a rather different approach on planking the hull. I’m quite tardy on making a build log post, but I'm planning to do an update soon to explain the technique I'm using as well as the progress I’ve made. Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your log…and thanks for your kind words on my build log
  4. My apologies for missing your comments on my build log. I've been distracted from this forum as a result of a few projects around the house, as well as our home business demands. I really appreciate your kind words about my build, and I'm really not sure about your lower deck question. Here is a link to the steel angle plates (one of my favorite tools to ensure accurate/squared joints). Link http://www.micromark.com/angle-plates-1-inch-and-2-inch-and-3-inch-set-of-3,7183.html Also, I'll fail to complete the planking by the end of the year, so I'll try and post a few pictures of the progress as soon as possible....and thanks again to everyone for the continued interest in my build
  5. Hi Mike, Personally, I'd re-plank the deck with a nice clean and even pattern (you have a solid foundation to work with...take advantage of it). Then color or finish it anyway you like...just my personal opinion. Also, Cathead is spot on target with the 1:48 scale plank sizes. Good luck, and what ever you decide will be fine.....beauty is after all in the eye of the builder
  6. Hi Mike, Looking really good so far....I'll be watching with great interest
  7. Amazing, what an education on the mastery of model ship building....simply stunning work
  8. Hi Mike, This looks like a fun build and you're off to a great start...I look forward to following your progress
  9. Hi Alex, It'll be my pleasure to follow this amazing build (absolutely beautiful ship)....not to mention the amazing technology being used
  10. Hi Nils, Simply superb details on the cabin walls, and the planning and design of the raw promenade infrastructure is very impressive....always a pleasure following your creative builds
  11. Thanks much Rowan....kind words of encouragement are always appreciated Hi Matt, thanks for keeping an eye on the build...I'm giving it my best And thanks to everyone that hit the like button
  12. Hi Rowan, Welcome back, I trust you had a great trip...it's good to see her out of dry dock Very creative work on the channels...and a nice improvement over the kit instructions
  13. Hi Keith, Thanks for reciprocating and taking the time to look at my log....your kind words are much appreciated I guess I should do a quick update in case someone thinks I abandoned the build I've been working on the hull planking for the last 5 months...without question this is some of the most difficult wood work I've ever attempted. Hopefully I'll complete the planking before the end of 2016 (yes, it will take that long)
  14. Hi Keith, I just found your amazing build, and what a great choice the Altair is (gotta love Schooners)....it'll be my pleasure to follow your progress
  15. Hi Gerhard, What a great project I'm a long time RC/FE boat guy...so I really enjoy these type of builds. Also, I think your idea to start with electric power is a good one. Considering the level of detail on this build...a fuel system might not be the most user friendly ship mate Good luck

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