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  1. Paul, You're doing an incredible job. I can't imagine how will be your next projects. I really like the finish of the decks planking. It is very real. What wood did you use and what was the process to achieve that aspect? Regards, Manuel
  2. Thank you Anja for your answer. I had seen that kit from Mantua but I think that it is a different kit. The Amati one seems to be bigger and have more elements even the bulkwark is different. Searching on the Internet you can find several old references in ebay about the Amati kit. Regards, Manuel
  3. Does anyone know if this Amati kit is still available? I'm afraid it's a discontinued kit : The reference could be 1701 but I don't find it in the Amati web: Once finished, It has to be very interesting:
  4. Mike, You're doing a very good job. What is the reference (manufacturer/code) for the red color in the gun carriages?
  5. With my AL San Francisco cross section kit, I tried to blacken the brass (supposedly) cannon with Birchwood Casey's Perma Blue and didn't work. However, it succeeded with the steel cannonballs.
  6. Hi Aqueous, Great work! I am building the same model too and I would like to share with you or someone interested some tips and changes that I have done. I hope it's not too late because your last entry is almost one year ago. At this moment, I have finished the lower and the middle decks with all the decorative elements, the planking of the hull and I am working on the upper deck. I didn't follow the instructions in the same order because the gun carriages, boxes, barrels, etc. are added when the entire structure is complete. I thought that doing so would be difficult to put those
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