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  1. I have found that most of the kits are very short on instructions and when you're a beginner this is very important. I am currently building the HMS Fly by Victory models. I have 470 hours into it and I am just getting started on the rigging. The quality of this kit is very high and it has the best instructions I've come across.
  2. I too have watched the movie several times and have it taped to watch occasionaly. I particularly watch for ship details since I build ship models. I am currently working on the Fly, a Victory model and the best kit I have built so far. (Previous models include the Halifax and the Endeavour). I believe the casting in the movie is great. I am currently collecting all of O'Brian's books and now reading Desolation Island. His knowledge of the times is amazing.
  3. Looks pretty good. I might give it a try when I take a break from my model (currently building the FLY, a Victory kit. This is a GREAT kit).
  4. By the way Brian. I should mention that I use my syringe for white glue. You have to dilute it a little but it's great for applying a little at a time, especially in hard to reach places. If you keep putting the cap back on the syringe the glue will stay soft for months. Bill
  5. Hi Brian. I looked into this too, but it won't work. There is a good solution in case you don't know about it. Talk to your hobby dealer. They have an item with very thin tubing about an inch long with an end that you can push onto the nozzle of the CA container. They work great. Whenever the end of the small tube gets plugged you can just cut a bit off. Bill
  6. Hi Shelag. Go to this site. It will tell you everything you need to know about the HMS Fly: www.hmsfly.com Bill
  7. Milton Roth's book 'Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern' has a lot of information on how to build a ship in a bottle and other containers (including a light bulb). Bill M
  8. Well I feel pretty stupid! I looked for all kinds of information on the subject of the mainstay passing the foremast and then I looked at the models in Robert Gardiner's book 'The Sailing Frigate' and there they were: several ships with the mainstay passing on the starboard side of the foremast. Bill M
  9. OK. Thanks folks. I have Ray Parkin's book on the Endeavour and Cook's voyage, but the plan in it isn't clear enough to tell if there are 2 mainstays or one. It looks much clearer in your plan Gabe. The funny part is, in the Mamoli kit they pass the mainstay on the port side of the foremast. Bill
  10. Thanks Richard, It isn't sold in many places. Thanks for your input. Bill M
  11. I have a Mamoli kit of the Endeavour, 1:100 scale. The kit shows one mainstay (not including the one that's attached to the foremast) that passes on the port side of the foremast and attaches ahead for the foremasts. This seems unreasonable to me. It seems that it would tend to pull the mast to port. I would think that they would have a main stay on each side of the foremast. I've done a lot of searching on the web to try to find some plan that shows whether there was only one mainstay or two. Does anyone know the answer?
  12. I live in Cambridge Ontario. Does anybody know where I can buy brass blackener in my area? Some on-line places won't ship this item. Bill
  13. Hi Michael, Try 'Cast Your Anchor'. They have a lot of brass lanterns. Some look like yours. Bill
  14. Thanks Richard, Do you think it's better than the polyurethane? Is it worth buying some? Bill
  15. I have Corel Draw Suite. You can create drawings in 'Draw' and edit photos in 'Photo Paint'. In 'Draw' you can load Tiff files in the original scale and plot them to your printer. Bill

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