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  1. Hi, time seems to fly by so quickly, one good thing about a workshop is you can walk away and when you return it's exactly how you left it. Going through a few medical issues at the mo, nothing to worry about but hoping to resume where I left off ASAP.
  2. Hi Kier, nope.......no gloves....................confession to follow on that nice copper hull I did.
  3. Haha, It's a great hobby Here's Gils link http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/485-hms-victory-by-gil-middleton-finished-caldercraft-172/
  4. Well this turned out to be an absolute mess, they just don't fit, even when filing down the windows they seem to protrude and they should have depth. I'll have to start this all over again with a different approach, looks like the only way i'm going to get some sort of depth is cutting out the window openings carefully just so they fit with some depth, risky I know
  5. I think Old Collingwood has a beast of a Camera my present is a little snappy one, exactly what I asked Santa to bring me
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