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  1. Beautiful details, what scale is it ? Michael
  2. I guess my picture did work John, this is one of my scratch built, 1/400 scale. I took this picture this morning in my back yard since we got our annual 2" of snow, I couldn't resist the urge of taking it outside.
  3. Beautiful work and well detailed, I've always liked those little river steamers.
  4. Thank you Jim for your service, the Knox class had beautiful lines, GMO2, I'm also on Facebook and 1 of the group that I'm in is "Model Warship ' and that group is managed by PC Coker, I didn't know that he wrote a book on that topic. If y'All are on Facebook y'All can look me up, my real name is Michael Bilodeau, I'm wearing my ABU's in the profile picture and the USS Hayler DD-997is my cover picture, I also have pictures of my models on Facebook, at least I find it easier to upload pictures there
  5. Hi Omega, yes I want to add more but I'm really having troubles uploading new pictures, it's like I can upload a few once I start a new gallery but when it come's to adding pictures to an existing gallery, no luck. I've read the many topics about other peoples having problems, I've tried both uploader available, I've tried to downsize my photos but nothing seem's to be working once I have an existing gallery as far as adding any type of progress pictures to it, but I'll keep trying. I can tell you quick that the Northwind icebreaker is 1/96 scale and the rest of my navy ships are all 1/192, except for the vertical and incline ladders, the railing (Toms Model Work ) and occasionally the anchors, everything else is scratch built, hull and super structure is bass wood and the parts are made of different plastic cards and tubing from either Plastruct or Evergreen. I'll keep trying Buddy
  6. Frustating s..t to upload any pictures on this site, even after reading the different forums about this topic and trying all the suggestions, the s..t ain't working, it suck's

  7. I will Patrick, I'm new to this website and I'm already having problems uploading new pictures but I'm sure I'll figure it out, I do have many more pictures that I want to upload, Thanks for the kind words. Michael
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