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  1. Hi Robert, was lurking around here doing some research for my U.S.S. Constitution build and stumbled across your work, I remember a discussion we had some time ago on Finescalemodeler about you jumping into the deep end of the model ship building pool. If this build is any indication of your skill set, I say go for the Black Pearl, nice work!
  2. While all this was going on, I was still trying to figure out how the heads were going to come together, especially since the brass grating from Blue Jacket was no way to fitting, not without major mods to both the head timbers, the head well and the grating, something I somply did not want to deal with. My solution was to simply modify the grating from the Revell kit by cutting off the stupid "heads" and trimming to fit and accomodate the brass heads from BJ mounted on styrene troughs. Seeing as I intend to use the Boomkins, I will have to figure that mounting situation out later.
  3. Hi guys, been a while since my last post. I thought retirement was supposed to free up all kinds of time for other pursuits! Oh well. So making small amounts of progress on Constitution, for example, after my disastrous breakage of my Dolphin Strikers AND snapping the bowsprit in 2, I lost tons of time repairing the damage and while waiting for various glues and Milliput fillers to dry, I decided to address the gaping hole in the Spar Deck where the bowsprit makes its way down to the gun deck. no way I was going to use that ugly box ladder Revell provided. because I didn't use all the bra
  4. Having followed Evan (Force9) with great interest, I decided his approach to the Charlie Noble and capstan, as the kit provided ones are woefully inadequate. The Charlie Noble was a a breeze in terms of construction, getting it look aged and a little worse for wear involved a heavy, almost sticky flat black, tieing off the guy wires at this scale was a pain, a single malt night for sure!
  5. So I decided to take a little break from detailing the spar deck and face the inevitable, the yards, spars studding sail booms, jibs, and spankers. As I have stated, I re-enforced the lower yards and lower masts with dowel inserts so I plan on using them, the rest, for the most part not so much, simply too wimpy. I will be using Blue Jackets superb template and turning pretty much everything from above the upper masts including the yards and studding sail booms, and adding the skys'l yard Revell omits from its kit using cherry doweling, Thanks Professor Tilley for the advise. Th
  6. I have to admit Evan has been a huge influence, it is further evident in the ship's bell, I merely copied what he built. There seems to be no super clear consensus regarding its location in 1812, but methinks close proximity to the helm and binnacles makes the most sense, especially for my purposes as I am rigging my ship with the boats placed according to the Revell plans which makes positioning the bell aft of the Charlie Noble impossible, plus there is ample room to mount it on the coming of the hatch just forward of the helm and binnacles
  7. I really liked the way Evan's capstan he built for the spar deck turned out however I did think the base was a little too small diameter-wise even though it does match the Hull model. I decided to have a base equal in size to the drum cap, with a taper toward the whelps. I used Evan's method for creating the drum heads however I used pine for the whelps and cherry for the center spindle, and finished them with a diluted leather. I also put a cross-wise sheet of styrene down and scribed planking in to represent a re-enforced base to handle the stresses the decking here was no doubt subject
  8. The time finally arrived to replace the temporary 2x4 base I had been using due to the fact that soon the jib and flying jib will be installed and it would be too difficult to replace the base with those pieces in place. Blue Jacket's base is ridiculously long and since woodworking is one of my great passions, I decided to make my own base out of white oak that will only stretch the length of the hull. 2 light coats of Dark Walnut stain and 2 coats of satin finish urethane and I think it will work. BTW, the dining room table it is sitting on is also my creation [:D] The Blue Jacket pedes
  9. Still attempting to catch up on this blog, prior to my bowsprit disaster, I had spent some time modifying the existing boats as they will be the ones I use, including some ribbing and keel board Added tiller assembly and some other details
  10. Hello all, it's been 2 years since my last post, but I have been nibbling away at my Constitution nevertheless. Suffered 2 bad breaks on the bloody dolphin striker, the second one so bad it actually broke the bowsprit as well. If it weren't for Dave, aka lmbsk sending me a spare he had, I would have been in dutch big time, thanks Dave! I wound up having to cut the damage bowsprit off just past the boards and using a cherrywood dowel as an internal splint, splice the replacement piece on, after adding more material to the end in order to pin the martingale in for added strength. Ne
  11. This post is from 2015 and 2016 on another forum, I've made some progress since then I will be posting soon, including a catastrophic development with stepping the bowsprit in place which will require fairly major surgery to repair, a repair I would be seriously distressed over had it not been for Dave, aka lambsbk, bailing me out with spare parts, work to begin on that repair soon I hope, as I am at a standstill until it is fixed. As I had previously mentioned spring summer and early fall are mountain biking and Moab rock crawling season, so work on Connie has been on hiatus. Howe
  12. When this kit arrived, the box was more beat up than advertised and there was some damage which, based on following Froce9's build, really inspired me to think "outside the box" on this kit. The fore fife rail assembly was virtually shattered, to the point where only 4 of the stanchions were salvageable and so I rebuilt the whole thing including adding a pinrail on the fore crossrail and replacing the broken pinrails. I've already lamented the poor condition the decks were in, just happy I was able to make them somewhat serviceable. The main fiferail had broken feet and so I flus
  13. So I know I will get grief for this and that's OK, at my age it's water off a duck's back, but I think clean unblackened brass eyebolts look kind of cool, and so I will leave them that way. I know it's not correct and I do want to capture the year 1812 as much as possible, however, if everyone is bent on that goal, then everything looks the same right? Besides, when I look at Force9 and Arnie60's work I realize I am not on their league and so I will do the build similarly but with a nod to what I think looks good, and I think the brass eyebolts look very cool. This does not mean I will
  14. I finished the spar deck as a somewhat worn and weathered piece as is my wont and I must say, I am not too disappointed, the exception being the forward seam, I just could't seem to make it look right, but I like the way the weathering came out. The deck is a flat black base coat, wood tan top. I then layed on a rather heavy smear of undiluted leather to fill the seams and then washed it off with thinner SLIGHTLY tinted with flat black. I then poured a nice single malt scotch, (for me, not the deck) and proceeded to dot the butt ends with undiluted leather. I left the gun deck somewhat we
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