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  1. Je te souhaite cordialement la bienvenue dans ce superb forum! Greetings from le Phare Ouest, la douce Bretagne ;o) Cheers Pieter
  2. Hi Patrick I just discovered your log and I like it very much. Very detailed, very informative. Thank you for sharing! Cheers Pieter
  3. Update. Positioning the first plank was relatively easy, just follow the line of the decks. The second plank is supposed to be 10 mm below the first. One is not supposed to continue to glue planks below plank #1 because one needs space to build in the little boxes for the dummy canon. Of course one can measure 10mm and glue the 2nd plank but I struggled. Solution: I dry-fitted two planks to the bulwarks and positioned the 2nd plank after bending it. Bending at the bow was easy. Bending at the stern was a bit of a pain in the gluteal region but with soaking, a bending tool and heat I got the job more or less done. If there is ever going to be an award for the most useful invention related to planking I nominate the person who invented these modified paperclip thingies! Pic below: first plank positioned, two dry fitted below #1 and #2 held in place. Pic below: Same thing as above, close up. Pic below: The plans want the first upper planks to be evenly spaced. Putting these dry-fitted planks in between #1 and #2 makes that a little easier. Pic below: looking forward to the next, what, 7-8 of these. Not. Cheers Pieter
  4. Still life with various tools. A well-balanced tableau. 👍 Cheers Pieter
  5. Hi Pat Welcome to this amazing forum! I've been thinking about building the Endeavour myself but chose the Bellona instead, maybe later ... I am definitely going to follow your work. Best of luck and have fun. Cheers from Brittany, France Pieter
  6. Katie Melua comes to mind ... "9 million clove hitches is my thing" or something like that ... Cheers Pieter
  7. Another one of those sacred moments ... first planks. Cheers Pieter
  8. So that's how they do it. Take a Victory, simply cut off a couple pieces and rename her Bellona 😲 I stand in awe sir! Chapeau. Cheers Pieter
  9. That literally made me laugh out loud ;o) Thank you for your encouragement! You have fun rigging ...🍻 Cheers Pieter
  10. Update. Almost finished the entrance to the captain's cabin (just needs some touching up) and I changed the design for the quarterdeck because there was no space for the stairs and the cannon in front of the cabin. Cheers Pieter
  11. Small update. Decks are glued, bulwarks are faired (is that the expression?), area at the stern has been prepared to avoid becoming too thick as compared to the rudder ... Right, let's start planking ;o) I just saw that 6 people are following this log, thank you for your interest! Cheers Pieter
  12. I am starting a build log on my fun project to rebuild the famous Dutch War Clog, the Nulli Cedo (« I will not budge »), also known as «The Menace of Medway». More about her history later. I am also building HMS Bellona but in stead of waiting for glue or paint to dry I might as well stay busy. I started with a very small clog which was absolutely inadequate to show the fierce appearance of these redoubtable sailing fortresses. So I took a size 5. I am going to build a main deck with the usual clutter, a quarterdeck, two "inner gun decks", a balcony for the captain to sit and relax and enjoy his jenever, two masts and a bowsprit which all shall be rigged 18th century style. I will arm her and paint her and give her a coat of arms on the bow. And I expect to have a lot of fun building her. Feel free to comment and if anybody has an idea to improve Nulli Cedo : please bring it on ! Picture below: first attempt. This mast will be used as the foremast on Nulli Cedo. Below: her Coat of Arms. Nulli Cedo: I will not budge. Below: The hull. Finest poplar ... First gunports opened, decks and stuff dry fitted, vague drawings of where the inner gun decks will be situated. I haven't decided what to do with the "foredeck", maybe 2 caronades ... Below: a closer look. So here goes. Enjoy. I will. Cheers Pieter
  13. Welcome to the forum! The mods should start a sub on microscopy ... 😲 Cheers Pieter
  14. Neat. All done with your minitool-lathe? Cheers Pieter

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