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  1. French speakers: look at this. https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/Actualites/L-actu-du-Ministere/Attestation-de-deplacement-derogatoire We are in total lock-down. We even have to fill in a form to explain why we are "displacing" ourselves. The form can be downloaded on the official site of the ministry of the interior (the link above). Bad luck for many of my elderly neighbours without internet. One could of course go to the townhall and ask for a couple prints. Hopefully one won't get stopped by the gendarmerie because the fine when one gets "caught" without said form is a hefty 135 Euro
  2. Greetings from France. All non-essential movement to be banned from Tuesday noon for at least 15 days; residents must stay at home. One is allowed to go shopping for food but nothing else. That's easy enough: all other shops are closed anyway. And one is allowed to go see a doctor or therapist or go to a hospital. Please don't go see a doctor when you think you have contracted the virus. Stay at home, call 15, we'll come for you. No gatherings with friends or family! No meals among friends? One of the most important french bio-psycho-social pillars? I am retreating
  3. No comment (not my picture) Cheers! Pieter
  4. Hi Hank Much appreciated. Stay safe! Cheers Pieter
  5. This is a serious piece of misinformation, including the water-drinking advice. I ask the mods to check the info and to remove the post. Unless Hank is joking of course in which case I missed the joke and I apologise. Cheers Pieter
  6. Untranslateble joke: nederlanders hebben gewoon schijt aan alles. Sorry non-dutch speakers
  7. I use a clear plastic bucket over my head when I visit forums with more than 1000 members. I also wear surgical gloves while typing this. It's not easy because I am sitting 1.50 meters away from my laptop and I use dowels to hit the keys. Please excuse any typos. I did not buy more toilet paper than usual because I don't really give a sh*t. I really like the Belgian shop where they have a special offer with their beer: buy two Corona's and get a free Mort Subite. Must be the Dutch influence: we make jokes about everything, it's a way of coping. Please don't shut down the forum! Cheer
  8. Hi Noramatilda Welcome to the forum. Have you ever tried DeepL in stead of Google translate? Works great! Cheers Pieter
  9. Bonjour et bienvenue de la douce Bretagne ;o) Parce que c'est un forum anglophone la plupart des gens l'apprécient quand tu utilise un programme de traduction tel que DeepL pour rendre tes contributions lisibles pour tout le monde. Amuse-toi sur ce grand forum ! Cheers Pieter
  10. Beer Bear in mind that we are talking 2%-3% alcohol here. Tops. The alcohol works as a natural preservative. Because it didn't keep that long -at least not all the way to India- the Brits invented IPA for export: more hops (preserves too) and more alc. This beer wasn't meant for consumption en route, it was meant for the Brits in India. Cheers! Pieter
  11. Hi Gan Do Welcome to the sawdustsniffers and enjoy Bellona! Cheers Pieter
  12. Hi Gan 24 is a small piece of plywood 5mm thick that comes on 6 behind the metal part 74 to reinforce this part in the middle. You have to shape the sides of 24 at a 45° angle first. You "fold" 74 over this plywood piece so that the middle part of the metal with the 2 "doors" protrudes said 5mm and the side parts next to the doors (= 75) stand at an angle of about 45° when viewed from above. Put this piece into place before adding the deck (22)! You'll want to paint 74 first and add the doorknobs before you glue it in place. Does this make sense? Cheers Pieter
  13. Hi Carl I know I know, too busy with other stuff ... I promise to pick up building soon! Hope your ok, cheers! Pieter
  14. Hi all I stumbled upon these pictures of a bottle, found somewhere in an attic in France. The upper part is sealed, the lower part can be taken off. Is this some kind of a ship-in-a-bottle-for-dummies thing? Cheers Pieter
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