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  1. Here are some more pictures of the event. The ships are now en route to Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Cheers Pieter
  2. Don't forget to check abebooks.co.uk, lots of good quality 2nd hand books!
  3. Hi Dave 100 dollars minus the bender and some clamps plus hammer won't leave you much for a decent filter ... someone once gave me two cheapo pol filters and they didn't make me happy: blurry pictures and a non-uniform pol effect (I use an "ancient" Nikon D300S). I've bought a B&W Käsemann MRC Nano which is brilliant but it cost me about 140 Euros. Just a quick heads up. Cheers Pieter
  4. Hi guys Just wanted to inform you about this event. I believe they will give regular updates so: enjoy! Cheers Pieter
  5. Never seen a more appropriate book title ... Cheers Pieter
  6. Something these people definitely not needed! They were exercising 24/7
  7. Hi Ferit Maybe they just turned the lower part of their body to one side? Source: me. I'm a retired physio, I've seen all sorts of "funny walks" ;o) Cheers Pieter
  8. Don't worry, just don't start calling her (your wife) Aggy ... Cheers Pieter
  9. @Dubz Everything's fine now (with Firefox at least). Thanks for the work! Bussi für die Frau Gemahlin ;o) Cheers Pieter
  10. Aaaah that's why the Admiral sometimes serves it for dessert (with cinnamon and raisins). She just wants to shut me up. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Pieter
  11. Battle diorama comes to mind. I would show the loser too ... Best of luck! Cheers Pieter
  12. Hi Jan Finally found Willem ;o) She's a real beauty! Best of luck with the finishing touches! Cheers Pieter
  13. Hi Jan As you have probably read between the lines I don't really like these boxes but I'm going to do my very best to get a decent result. I may have to increase the dosage of my betablockers temporary. As to drilling the holes: I used quite a lot of glue and the boxes are also held in place by the planks on the sides so I'm not really afraid of drilling. But, now you mention it: I am going to drill NOW before the hull is completely closed. Thanks for the tip! I plan to leave the gunport doors on one side of Bellone closed. So what I'm going to do (that's the plan at this stage, we'll see what happens) is that I continue placing the faux carriages on the other side and depending on the result I'll either close one side completely or leave a couple ports open. It's early days, 2nd planking is far away with beautiful weather arriving at top speed in la Bretagne! Beach bbq time! I'll try not to keep you waiting too long for an update next time! Cheers Pieter
  14. Hi Carl That would look quite chic on my business card next to my MSc ... a MFC. Cheers Pieter

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