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  1. @yvesvidal Thank you very much for the link, I thoroughly enjoyed reading! Cheers Pieter
  2. Hm, nice idea ... but with the barrel attached you wouldn't see it anymore ... I leave that to the 1:48 specialists ;o)
  3. She will have too, be patient! And she won't sink ! She has a solid hull so she'll float in any position. Thanks for all the likes! Cheers Pieter
  4. Working on dummy carriages for the dummy cannon. As I am not an astrophysicist I don't like the look of the black holes with just the cannon pointing out so I stole someone's idea (can't remember where I saw it but it was was on the forum, thank you if you read this!) and made dummy carriages. The process is quite straight forward. Prepare a strip of scrap wood (thank you Dremel), glue a second strip on the lower half as a filler to create some distance between the front of the "carriage" and the hull, cut them off, add two tiny pieces posing as the sides of the faux carriage et voilà. Cheers Pieter
  5. Update. Working on the captain's quarters. Made a railing, carved pillars adjacent to the door, fixed "ribs" for the projected galleries. The whole thing makes me think of something out of a SF movie ... Cheers Pieter
  6. peveka

    Black hole

    Yeah, but 74 guns ... the force is strong with this one ...
  7. Hi Karen I would try the stuff they use to clean oil paintings. Best of luck! Cheers Pieter
  8. Do you know anyone with kids? Most of them play (or have played) with Lego blocks. The big ones are very useful to fit the bulwarks in a 90° angle to the false keel. Clasp them on the keel and the bulwark and wait for the glue to dry. Also a build stand comes in handy and is easy to make. Cheers Pieter
  9. Best of luck! Seems like a fun project, the only thing you won't have to do is spend hours on making rat lines ;o) Cheers Pieter
  10. Not that bad, it was probably an Amsterdam foot ( 0,2831 meter), not a Rijnlandse foot (0,3140 meter) so that's a little less stink.
  11. I'm not finished with the decorations yet! There's also e.g. Pes Equinovarus Adductus to consider. Or her sister, Pes Equinovalgus. Or their mum, Pes Sarium. Be patient!
  12. He's just impressed by the two goddesses by his side: Hallux Valgus and Hallux Rigidus.
  13. Time to tackle the transom. I first tried to create something with card but that didn't work. I thought it would be easier to bend, which it was, but I wanted to cut out a portion to make a balcony for the captain. More experienced card builders probably would've done it with one hand on their back but I made a mess. So back to wood. Thaaaat's better. The sides are going to be planked and I am going to cut out windows. I hope the captain likes the deco. Oops, is this NSFW? The captain, enjoying the view. Dry fit: I'm happy with it. Next: plank the sides, make windows nope, changed my mind: make quarter galleries, plank the deck, make a railing and figure out some more decorations... Cheers Pieter

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