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  1. Great job! The entry port and access ladder look fantastic.
  2. Hello All, The lower mainmast was fitted in the same way as the foremast and left to dry. As mentioned earlier the lower shrouds were made off the model. The instructions call for the shrouds to be made from 0.75mm thread and to use 0.25mm thread as the seizing, I tried it but it seemed too bulky and out of scale for me especially at the dead eyes where 3 small seizings are required. I did use it at the masthead but I used black cotton for the seizings at the dead eyes. Each pair of shrouds was made and test fitted to the model and rigged with lanyards made from some spare rigging thread to get the approximate positions of the dead eyes before they were removed and completed on the bench. The loose ends were taped up so I could make any final adjustments and they were fitted to the model. The lanyards are rigged with 0.25mm tan thread. Once all the lower shrouds were in place and the dead eyes were at the same height with a reasonable tension in the shrouds the seizings were glued with diluted PVA and the excess thread trimmed. The futtock staves have also been made, the instructions call for these to be made from 0.70mm brass wire but I made mine from some left over 0.75mm drawn bamboo which will be much easier to trim on the model. Next job after all the futtock staves are fitted, trimmed and painted is the ratlines. All comments welcome Thanks for looking and the likes.
  3. Thanks Chuck for your kind comments and for looking in. Hello All, The tackle pendants were fitted to the lower masts using a cut splice. The splice was made by using a needle threader to poke the ends of the 0.75mm thread through the strands of the opposite leg of the pendant a couple of times, it was then seized with cotton thread which will be painted black. The fore mast has also been fitted. You may notice that the topmast has not been fitted at this stage, this is to allow me to rig the shrouds and lower stays off the ship which I think is a lot easier than trying to tie seizings at the masthead and the dead eyes on the model. The driver boom and gaffs have been assembled and need a little bit of sanding where the yokes are attached before painting. Comments always welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  4. Hello All, I hope you are all well. Work continued on the construction of the fore and main masts. The trestle trees were glued together and the lower masts were assembled according to the instructions. The upper sections were painted black and the lower parts were stained with an oak stain. The fore and main topmasts have also been assembled and painted. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  5. Thank you Eamonn. I used 5 minute two part epoxy to glue the metal parts together to give me a bit of time to get them in the position I wanted and there were a few 'Trying' words uttered waiting for it to grab. Thank you mugje. Hello All, The deck houses and companionway hatch have been assembled and painted. The inside of the companionway was painted white to lighten the view to the lower deck when installed. These have been put aside as they won't be fitted until after the rigging is complete to give me easier access to the belaying points on the rails. The bowsprit has also been made and painted. The deadeyes for the bowsprit shrouds, bobstay and forestays have also been fitted along with the stop cleats for the gammoning rope. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  6. Hello All, The channels have been fitted and the outside of the hull between the water line and the gunports has been painted black. There is still some touching up to do around the channels. You may also notice in the above photos that the carronades have also been fitted. I did not take any photos of their assembly as it was a tedious and patience trying process, especially the assembly of the trunnions but in the end I think they turned out OK and I am quite pleased with them. The breech ropes and their eye bolts were fitted to the carronades before they were installed on the model as was the side tackle, the eye bolts were then glued into the predrilled holes in the bulwarks. The rope coils were added and so were some of the deck fittings such as eye bolts and cleats. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  7. Hello All, The capping rails were painted and the deck was given it's first coat of matt varnish. The channels were also made up. These proved to be a little tricky as the instructions say after fitting the deadeye into the strop it can be fitted into the slot in the channel however the tabs on the strops are too wide for the slot by about 1mm, so I trimmed the tabs by about 3/4s of a mm and they fitted into the slot reasonably well, I then glued them in using a 2 part epoxy and then glued the 1.5 x 1.5mm strip across the front of the channel. After gluing they were set aside to dry for 24 hrs. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  8. Hello All, The next job was to fit the capping rails. These went on quite easily with no issues, they were painted black on the underside before they were fitted. As can be seen in the above photos the deck gratings and the chimney for the stove have also been added, so have the rudder hinges. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  9. Hello All, The stern fascia was fitted next and planked. The carronade deck blocks were also fitted along with the eyebolts for the gun tackle but only in the ports where the guns are not being fitted because the guns will be rigged off the ship and then fitted. The sides were painted yellow ochre and the holes drilled for the bowsprit and anchor cables. The scuppers were also fitted according to the plans. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  10. Hello All, The coppering of the hull continues. The plates that go along the keel were bent in half along their length and placed one either side so that the join line will be underneath the model and won't be seen. The inner bulwarks were also painted and the coamings fitted for the gratings and the main hatch. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking and the likes.
  11. Very nice. Turned out really well, a shame most of it won't be seen.

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