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  1. for small bits - http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_122&products_id=434 for PE tools in general - http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=77_79 Alan
  2. Hi All A number of years ago, I bought the first copy of a part works magazine on building a 1/96 HMS Victory. The reasons were, it was only £1.99 (starter price) and it had some nice colour pictures for reference, some nice pieces of thin plywood (always hard to find in the UK) to be used as bulkheads. It also had a gun kit comprising barrel, carriage (in 3 pieces), trucks, capsquares, a length of brass rod for axles and some small brass nails to hold the capsquares on with. This kit has been sculling around in the bottom of my toolbox for a while now, so I thought I’d have a bash at a b
  3. yep. Had this book for years. Updated to the latest edition a couple of years back. Cost me about £12 new. Worth every penny. Alan
  4. Hi Dan, Sympathies - been there as well. You'll get there Alan
  5. keep going Jesse, its nice work to watch. Sorry to hear about the health. All the best Alan
  6. Sorry Doug, Ships in Bottles. Keeps the dust off of the finished model. Adjustment is by slackening the nuts and bolt and moving the blade away/closer to the edge of the right angle strip, using a drill bit of, say, 1 mm as a gauge to set the gap so a 1 mm strip will be cut. Then tighten. May have to do this a couple of times to 'fine tune'. The blade rotates around the bolt so that depth of cut of a pass is adjusted by finger pressure. A couple of attempts will let you know how the wood cuts and how many passes are required to cut through. I've found 3 or 4 light cuts produce
  7. Doug, I model SIBs, for the deck planking, I cut strips 1 mm wide from some light coloured veneer using a strip cutter I made a few years ago from a piece of aluminium right angle, nuts and bolts, and a single sided razor blade. Thickness of cut is set by using a drill bit as a gauge and a bit of trial and error. The only downside is that you need a straight edge on the veneer to start with and the cut strip is what the cutter is pressed against, but a bit of care and two or three light passes works OK. The square section on top of the blade is to allow a bit of pressure without getting a
  8. Proxxon do one - search under Proxxon Router Base OFV I've got one - its well made and is certainly worth having Alan
  9. A number of years ago I thought to buy a set, but cost put me off. So I made a set. Not as accurate maybe, and with fixed ratios, but they worked until I found a 'real' set on ebay at a good price. I wrote it up as an article for 'Bottleship', the quarterly magazine of the 'European Association of Ships in Bottles'. This subject cropped up on 'Bottled Shipbuilder' a few weeks ago as well. If memory serves me, I believe that this article was uploaded to this site as well before the crash, so here it is again. If you want the quick way, skip to the end. Regards Alan Proportional Divider
  10. Jesse, A genius bit of improvisation for a square - far better than standing barefoot on one of the little blighters best Alan
  11. I came across this book a few years ago, but did not buy it - just added it to the maybe list. But the work looks very good. It may help out http://carvingbook.weebly.com/english-pdf-version.html Al
  12. Jesse, These may be of use when rigging time arrives. They are taken on HMS Victory last Summer, so may be different. Super build best Alan
  13. I started using Proxxon in the late 80's on the recommendation of a friend who ran a small diy shop, on the basis that he never had had to replace a faulty Proxxon whereas Dremels (of the time) came in bust on a regular basis. I still have the original 50E drill, used and abused, without sign of it wearing out. I use the collets, or the Proxxon chuck, or a third party micro chuck held in a Proxxon collet for any drill bit under 1 mm. I have more powerfull Proxxon drills including the mill/drill setup, and table saw, and the sander, as well for use as required. I use the accessories from whiche
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