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  1. Beauty!!! How much I missed the sea... At the moment, the sky is calling! ( and surgeons)...
  2. I've come this far! But even the enemy will not want to experience it...
  3. Many Happy Returns 

    1. aviaamator


      Thank you very mach! All the best from God to You and your family!

  4. Friends, Salute! Despite various diseases and pandemics, I waited until the summer, registered my aircraft models with the Federal air transport Agency, received registration numbers and fly again!!! But the Hyacinth is not forgotten!
  5. I make rigging from 100% cotton, after twisting I paint with oil paint for art works (umber Leningradskaya - dark brown color). Until the paint is dry, I hang the ropes with the load so that they stretch out, and fix them from untwisting. After drying, the rigging does not stretch!
  6. This is not my job, the last photo is a real sail. This is the result I will seek!
  7. Dave! Your sails are missing boltrope...
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