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  1. Toni, Don, The backgrounds to the windows are ocre, the backgrounds to the balusters are black. What might be confusing is the pillars between the windows being decorated with black rectangles. /Peter
  2. Sorry to hear that. Was there a lot of damage? Here's another that got crushed. I don't have any 'before' pictures of this one, but it was worse than the Victory. The sails were crushed and needed edge-on-edge glueing of lots of pieces. Even then some were missing and were replaced by paper. A bit of Japanese kintsugi feel going on there, but without the gold..:-)
  3. The Warspite is not really a reconstruction since only the hull was assembled. I have some reconstructions under way though. A couple of ship models got crushed during my move to Australia. Here's a really old Victory..
  4. A bunker! 🙂 My stash is more hiding on a top closet shelf, there's another old Airfix 1/600 ship. German destroyer.. Also a newer Akagi that will probably be next.
  5. Stern gallery looks like a potential tricky area to get right. I was thinking I should not assemble it yet to get some playroom to get it to fit. I'm having second thoughts about that now. If I allow the vertical posts to be loose for adjustment, I'm really allowing them to move out of the vertical.. Now I am thinking that I should assemble it fully and make any needed adjustments to the hull instead.. Indecisive.. 😕
  6. Thanks, It is quite rough. Photoetch set is a bit old too and a bit sparse on the instructions.. Dryfit of stern gallery to make sure hull shape is ok:
  7. Bridge and funnel improving. Going to need quite a bit more work though. Very coarse out of the box.
  8. Dryfit, more staircase removals, more putty. (Huge holes for attaching boats filled)
  9. Coat of nicer paint for the deck. Brushed enamel was rather horrible.. Bit of thinning here and there on superstructure parts, plus stair removal.
  10. That's better (I hope) I'm fixing the ugly portholes by drilling a hole and removing the lower half of the old outline. Should be good enough. I also removed the anchor chains.
  11. More putty, Stern shape will have to change quite a bit or the photoetch stern gallery will not fit.
  12. Yes, -not sure what to do with the guns. If not replaced, I'll see if they can be rescued. Here's the first photoetch. Also putty for the stern.
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