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  1. Vasa gun carriages would have been painted with lamp black, I'm pretty sure.. Looks good though. /Peter
  2. The little port near the waterline is the 'mail port', or 'message port'.
  3. The kit is well detailed, good fit and the photoetch covers a lot. From entire superstructures to the oars of the ships boats, you can see on the box photo as they left the PE unpainted.. Now, i don't have much to compare with until I have actually built some others. This was the first one of modern ship models so far. Really enjoyable build. Spur of the moment buy from the hobbyshop, thinking I'd finish it in a week or two :-). Underestimated the amount of work needed for the photoetch by a bit.. The Akagi I have is 1/700 scale late configuration (one flight deck), Hasegawa full hull
  4. Built it a year ago, log here I have the Akagi in 1/700 as well, but I'm yet to get any PE for it. The Sendai looks cool with the plane and catapult.. 🙂
  5. I would suggest line goes on both sides of the sail without danger of damaging it. It is not a major line, and is not kept very tight, as it only holds the flag. Once the flag is up, it is astern of the sail, can therefore fly on either side of the sail and wouldn't be any cause of concern.
  6. The trick is to, after masking, paint once with the colour that is under the tape already. (Not 'paint under the tape') That way, any bleed under the tape will be the first colour. Then apply the second colour. That's what I also do.
  7. Midships superstructure and funnels with some initial paint on. Assembled hull and assembled superstructures. Stand looks a bit toy like and needs painting. Peter
  8. The rest of the funnels and a photo etch replacement superstructure. I would say the triangular support brackets under the deck here are the most difficult parts of this kit..
  9. Essentially, the kit consists of a waterline model, a lower hull and additional photoetch details.
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