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  1. I would suggest line goes on both sides of the sail without danger of damaging it. It is not a major line, and is not kept very tight, as it only holds the flag. Once the flag is up, it is astern of the sail, can therefore fly on either side of the sail and wouldn't be any cause of concern.
  2. The trick is to, after masking, paint once with the colour that is under the tape already. (Not 'paint under the tape') That way, any bleed under the tape will be the first colour. Then apply the second colour. That's what I also do.
  3. Midships superstructure and funnels with some initial paint on. Assembled hull and assembled superstructures. Stand looks a bit toy like and needs painting. Peter
  4. The rest of the funnels and a photo etch replacement superstructure. I would say the triangular support brackets under the deck here are the most difficult parts of this kit..
  5. Essentially, the kit consists of a waterline model, a lower hull and additional photoetch details.
  6. Hi all, Technically this model is already completed, but I took some photos for a build log in case anyone is interested. Here's the kit. Photo etch included. Peter
  7. Looks really crisp and clean! Every time I see Woody Joe kit builds for the last couple of years now, I'm thinking I should get one. Particularly the medium sized kits. (I like the the look of Hacchoro for size and detail) A few years back, I saw your Yakatabune build, and nearly bought a kit back then. This year, I have started studying Japanese and so getting even a bit more interested. The Kitamaebune seems to me to be a bit too large to start with. Having built all of the Woody Joe traditional Japanese ship/boat kits, have you got any recommendation
  8. Hi Clare, Looks great. This Takasabune, is it also a Woody Joe model? Cheers, Peter
  9. Indeed. Look at those braces..! That's unusual... 😞 Might be good to look for an alternative rigging plan. Rest looks good though. Peter
  10. They do, It's only the angle of the axles that differ. Since the stern turbine has an axle that points steeper downwards, it exits the hull further aft. The screws are then side by side.
  11. Following! I used to scuba dive on the destroyer wrecks in Narvik many years ago. Somwhere I have a half built smaller scale model. This one looks nice. Note that the starboard propeller shaft should exit the hull ahead of the port one, as the Wagner turbines do not sit side by side, but rather one in front of the other. Peter
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