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  1. I think Vanguard Models stock Master Korabel blocks. Not as good as Syren but better than ones Cornwall model boats list.
  2. latest package of goodies from Syren arrived safely. And avoided import duty so thats a bonus. Just waiting for some dry weather so I can get Winnie faired outside and then hopefully make some progress.
  3. stalled at moment. Bit snowed under at work. Hopefully it's going to ease of in next couple of weeks, then can start making some progress again.
  4. If your after a MF70 it may be worth checking out chronos. available for £235 from them, Proxxon stuff generally cheaper their in uk than axminster (Sorry Kevin)
  5. received a package from Syren today with planking blanks stock and chapter three parts. Ordered on 22nd with expectation it would take 6-8 weeks due to Cov-id, but arrived in two. So looks like shipping to UK is pretty much back to normal. Hopefully I can get some time to progress things a bit now and get chapter one finished.
  6. Hi B'E. Not strictly related as this is a bigger Zulu class so more applicable to the 'Lady Isabella', but this rebuild log for a full size boat may give you some details as to construction and details like mast footing etc. http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?166562-Kate-LK-126-A-Zulu-Herring-Drifter
  7. making steady progress. Stem assembled and added to keel former. Then fitted bulkheads to keel former. Pretty happy with how level and square everything turned out. Hobbyzone slip makes it easy to check alignment as you go along. Now for fairing. Ordered some extra sanding blocks. Once they arrive I'll crack on. Had a test run in meantime at ripping planking stock. Used a bit of scrap cherry and came out pretty nice and consistent in thickness. Finish left by saw is pretty much flawless. One question I have reading ahead a bit in chapter is
  8. Slow but steady progress. Bulkheads all sanded back to lines and slots adjusted for fit. I'm now fitting Rabbit strip to keel former. Felt a bit tight bending round so I've steamed it and now allowing to dry before gluing on. I put a strengthening piece on either side of the dovetail joint in the keel former just as belt and braces. Little MDF tabs are an idea I saw on Chris Wattons Speedy kit and shamelessly borrowed with a slight modification. I struggle a bit getting the rabbit strip central all the way down the keel. So I lasercut the tabs with a notch to hold the rabbit
  9. Bit off progress to report. Side effect of lockdown is I've had more freetime so managed to get bulkheads cut on scrollsaw. Hopefully a dry day tomorrow so I can use disc and oscillating spindle sander outside to fine tune upto the lines. Has anyone got any tips for sanding slots other than files and sanding sticks. Their all going to need adjusting as Plywood varies between 6.5mm and 6.7mm thick, unfortunately 1/4" ply pretty much unobtainable in UK so went with closest metric size ( 6mm is available but its always undersize typically 5.5mm or less, weirdly 6.5mm tends to be
  10. And so it starts. Plans back from printers + chapter one and two parts in from Syren. And a new toy in the workshop 🙂 Just got to learn how to use it now. Matt
  11. Started looking at printing bulkhead drawings out and not sure if I have a problem. Printing them as actual size with no scaling. length on scale block on bulkhead 1 looks spot on. Ruler slightly offset to left in this photo but each block is 1/4". However when I measure the vertical dimension it looks to be slightly short, approx. 1/32" undersize. I understood the scale blocks to be 1/4" squares?. Is this correct?. weird thing is they look to be shorter in vertical dimension when I look at the PDF's on the monitor too. I cant see any options in printer settings to only
  12. Bit late to the party but I've taken plunge and ordered laser cut parts for chapters 1 and 2. Plans downloaded and ready to print. Looking at scrollsaws now as costs for laser cut bulkheads plus international shipping would virtually pay for saw (and its a good excuse for a new toy 🙂 ). This is very much a long term project so don't expect fast progress. Have a vanguard models HMS Alert on the go at the moment with a Medway Longboat in early stages too. Cutting bulkheads for Winnie will be a filler project when I want a break from smaller scale stuff. I don't exp
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