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  1. Great work. I am starting on the same model soon I hope. May I inquire what paint color you used for the antifoul bottom paint. Thanks so much. Chris
  2. I am curious as to what is your preferred thread or product for serving lines. I did one model *my first with cotton sewing thread and was wondering if you or anyone else had a good recommendation. I will be starting this Atlantic model soon so I am following this build with interest. Great job and thanks for posting. Chris
  3. Thanks ERS Risch. It was ~3mm wet slide letters from K4 used for model railroads. I coated the whole model in Testors flat lacquer per BlueJackets recommendation and the visible seems disappeared.
  4. Thanks. I had to use wet slides from a model railroad seler.
  5. That is one of my relatives from the 19th century on my mothers side. Its above the desk I am using for my work from home during COVID. Not a sea captain (as far as I know) but he sort of looks like one.
  6. Just finished up my first ship model of BlueJacket's Mary Taylor NY pilot schooner. Was a real learning experience but was able to get through it thanks to many articles here (and a little YouTube) and a phone call to Nic at BlueJacket to answer some basic questions. There are certainly any number of flaws but will endeavor to improve on the next one. Overall I'm very satisfied and proud to display it over my desk.
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