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  1. I’ve been scratch building POF models since about 1995, having retired 7 years ago as an orthopedic surgeon. So my projects have been drawn out quite a bit until more recently. I started with the USS ESSEX, following the Practicum of the late Portia Tachajian, followed by the Delacroix “LE GROS VENDRE”. David Antscherl’s Practicum on the Swan Class intrigued me as it represents the methods used by the English in the 18th century, as compared to that of the French of the same period. I also met David at the NRG annual in New Bedford last year and was drawn in both by his personal appeal as well
  2. Have recently embarked on the Antscherl Practicum of the Swan Class (Pegasus 1/48) and am looking to connect to any willing to share their experience in that project, as there are inevitable questions that arise. Henry
  3. Your work is an inspiration to someone who has completed this model by hand without the knowledge and skill to use my milling machine (Sterling). It took 12 years, having started with the original group and Gerard Delacroix’s guidance. Your wonderful results make me want to start all over again. Are you using a CNC SYSTEM? I’d love to see how you make those complex bevels on the hawse timbers and reproduce them for the opposite side!!
  4. 18th c. French Gabarre credited with the discovery of the west coast of Australia. Utilized as a supply ship for the French navy ( hence the name ). POF scratch built. 1700 hrs.
  5. I found some references and this is where they steered me. The client wanted sails. Anyway, it’s essentially finished and waiting for the display case to arrive. Interesting adventure.
  6. Greetings. I’ve been scratch building 18th c. Naval ships for around 30 yrs, having just finished the “Gros Ventre” a la Gerard Delacroix and am thinking of a next project. Thought I would join up to see what folks are doing. Henry Drinker
  7. I am restoring a kit model of a square topsail schooner which was caked in dust and grime, all the rigging in tatters. No vessel name. The kit/model is probably 40 years old And has sentimental value to its owner.I wonder if anyone knows of a kit of such a vessel which could be an aid in rigging details and deck details. Or any other pertinent references.
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