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  1. Good to see you back in the bosun’s chair! Lovely work, please keep it up. Ian
  2. Thanks everyone for the likes! Gregory: thanks and good luck! Don: where have you been? I know I’m speaking for many mates when I say I really miss your updates and beautiful work! What’s next? David Antscherl’s Hayling Hoy. Cheers, Ian
  3. Lastly, I have completed the stand. I routed an inlay into a piece of maple and applied several coats of wipe on poly. Because I didn't have the foresight to install bolt holes into the keel I used some threaded brass rod with acorn nut heads (on starboard side) to secure the assembly. Probably not as strong as the traditional method but the ship will be housed in an acrylic display case and shielded from unfortunate nudges. Best, Ian
  4. Thank you B.E., Chuck and Rusty! It has been an enjoyable and an educational build that benefitted tremendously from your own Cheerful efforts. Chuck it is a beautiful design and your mini kits were indispensable. Thanks to all of you for the likes and following this build. Ian
  5. Greetings Shipmates, I have been totally negligent in providing any sort of build log - I am sorry about that. However I'm calling this project done. I will have to figure our a stand down the road. Thanks for following. If there are other pictures you would like me to show I am happy to do that. Best, Ian
  6. Really nice touch Dave! I guess I’m going to have to steal these ideas as well😉. BTW how did you make the cannon balls, or buy them?
  7. Steve, this is a beautiful build! You are so close now. I have Dusek's 1:72 San Martin on my shelf although I don't know when I'm going to get going on it ... but your project gives me added motivation. Ian
  8. Hi Dave, I really don't want to pollute your log with my poor attempt and I'll delete it later. I followed your build but didn't do a few things you did in particular putting bolts in the trucks. I used hard maple for the cannon, cherry for the carriage, boxwood for the trucks and quoin and yellow cedar for the deck. I may switch out the nuts and bolts when my smaller diameter versions arrive especially with acorn nuts for the trunnions. Anyway it was a fun diversion.
  9. Hi Dave, I went ahead and built this cannon and thoroughly enjoyed it. A question, do you have any additional information on this cannon? Was this design actually in service, did it display an insignia? Ian
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