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  1. Looks like they have corrected it on Occre website visuals: https://www.occre.com/diorama/diorama-istanbul.html I believe your post has made an impact
  2. Hi, Thanks for the great review and making us aware of this exciting kit. One question though: In this review, including the photos of the kit, the name is spelled ENTERPRIZE, whereas in Caf Model's website it is ENTERPRISE. So which one is it?
  3. Thank you for the great review. I have bought the tram kit and cannot wait to start building it. However as someone who lived several years in Istanbul in the past, the only thing that discourages me from building this diorama (other than the misspelled KAPALICARSI text, which can be corrected), is the fact that this beautiful nostalgic tram, which is operating between TAKSIM and TUNEL districts (as indicated on the model), does not travel via the Grand Bazaar at all 🙂. It operates back and forth on Istiklal Street which is 2-3km long. Other than this reality check fai
  4. Good luck with the build and remember to check a few posts above by seahorse where one of my mistakes in the build has been addressed. Regards, Aydin
  5. According to the manufacturer's specs max keel length is 100cm but there may be a degree of tolerance, though I doubt it will work with keels significantly longer than that. Specs: http://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/boat-building-tools/26-professional-building-slip.html
  6. Hi Per! Having said that, it is already in its display case (see image) :). By the way, I strongly recommend this German shop at http://www.sora-shop.com, which manufactures custom made assemble-it-yourself display cases at a very good price and accuracy. BR; Aydin
  7. FINAL PHOTOS - 21 build days and 49 hours! Here is a bunch of photos from the finished model. Thank you very much for watching and let's see when I will be off to the next building adventure (hopefully soon) Regards, Aydin
  8. TURKISH FLAG It comes as a paper. I used aluminium kitchen foil to give a wrinkled look. You can see it better in the final photos. I think it looks much better than a starched rigid piece of plate
  9. This is a rubber belt which lies on top of the end of the rudder handle. I think it helps control the rudder, or just keeps it in place. The belt is fixed as a loop from its ends using metal braces, then attached with hooks to the hull:
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