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  1. Hi Tony I am also building the Portsmouth but struggling with the instructions after completing the first planking. Can you help me please as I am looking to start the second planking and it talks about starting below the first upper lath but only as far as the poop. The drawings are not any use or i am just reading them wrong. Also I note you cut out the gunports before second planking yet no mention yet in instructions. Any held and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Regards Glyn
  2. David what a great start, it must feel good to be building at last! Regards Glyn
  3. Hoorah have actually spent time this evening in the shipyard but only to the extent of stropping blocks to the mast which is a bit time consuming. Very annoyed that having visited a model shop to buy .25mm black rigging thread they gave me .5mm which I already have. In future I will buy my supplies on line as retailers seem to always fulfill orders. The seizing on blocks using .5mm thread is too chunky for my liking but cannot change it all now. Have been using diluted PVA to keep thread in place which is much neater than CA but sometimes CA is unavoidable where thread needs to be secured but
  4. Hi All I am enjoying a bottle of reserve Rioja reading this in my recliner chair but no popcorn though. Good luck David, I will be watching with great interest and envy. Regards Glyn
  5. I have not had a lot of time to spend in the shipyard for the last week or two because of work commitments which is frustrating But he who pay the piper! I did however get to experiment with silver soldering which was very successful unfortunately I oversized the seizing on the block so I have to do it all again which required fresh supplies of copper eyelets which I have now sourced. Hopefully will get some hours this week so I can finish the masts and move on. Regards Glyn
  6. Hi Bruce That's a very nice neat start to your build - bit like your shipyard. Best of luck with the build which I will follow with interest. I do not have a keel clamp and would be interested to hear your comments on how practical it is when planking starts. Regards Glyn
  7. Hi Eamonn Congratulations on starting your build log which I will follow with great interest, the very best of luck. Regards Glyn
  8. Have finally attached the bowsprit which I had to paint in walnut because I could not source birch dowel and the hardwood I used ended up being a bit too grainy just to dye. I am pleased with the latter blocks and deadeyes I attached as I used diluted PVA and not CA like the earlier ones which are really too rigid for my liking. Horrifies to find I somehow dripped CA onto the side of the mortar housing so might have to partially close the roof to hide it as there is no way I can remove the drip without causing too much damage. Sorry about the quality of the photographs - must get better li
  9. Eamonn I like your thinking and look forward to your build logs, 1 or 3? Be careful not to mix the bits up though, you could end up with the wrong mast on of of the boats. Good luck Glyn
  10. Eamonn you're not going to build all three at the same time surely? If yes then you are one brave man. Regards Glyn
  11. Hi Eamonn Being my first build She is a very forgiving ship and the only issue I had with her was the false keel being warped so had to clamp it to a piece of straight oak to straighten it out. All the other issues I found we caused by me and my lack of knowledge and experience and perhaps not looking as closely at the drawings as I should have done. I put the wales too low which caused issues with the deadeyes and chain plates and too much reliance on CA. I would recommend you pin all the deck fittings but make sure that they are square to centre, a couple of mine are slightly off.
  12. Good Day Albert. I have just come across this build log and I have to say that the quality of your work is amazing and I will follow the log with much interest. Can I also compliment you on the quality of your photography - what camera do you use? Best wishes for the build Glyn
  13. Hi Jay I thought you'd like to know that I have just attached my first ever deadeyes to the bowsprit if my Convulsion using the method you demonstrated in the video and they look okay however I overdid the CA. Many thanks. Glyn
  14. Oh forgot to mention had a visit by the admiral who complimented me on the tidiness and cleanliness of the shipyard and commented that I looked a bit cramped to which I suggested she removed her racks of shoes to give me more space. The reply is unprintable as was mine when she noticed the David plane and suggested she could use it to sharpen her eye liners. What she doesn't know is I have taken the Dyson hand held from the caravanand am using that to clean up the mess I make!!!! I'm sure a flogging will be ordered when she finds out. Regards Glyn
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