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  1. Hi, It’s been awhile. Furled sails and ratlines are the latest additions. Walter
  2. Hi, Time for a quick update. I’ll be starting the rigging shortly. Walter
  3. Hi, I’ve been busy working on the ship’s boats. The result of those efforts are below. Walter
  4. Hi, I worked up a figurehead using Sculpey and modeling paste. Walter
  5. Hi, Thank you everyone for the likes. The top deck has been planked. Walter
  6. Hi, Time for a quick update. More deck beams were installed and the top deck is ready for planking. Walter
  7. Hi, Cannons were added to the gun deck, and some additional work on the stern was completed. Walter
  8. Thank you EJ. The scale is quite a challenge, As for the wood, It's actually bamboo. I mill the planks and timbers with a finishing plane. Walter
  9. Hi, Time for a quick update. I played with some paint on the hull, and completed some more planking. Walter
  10. Hi, Everything is moving along. The beams and deck planks have been installed. Walter
  11. Mike, Thank you. I chose the scale primarily for space reasons and secondarily for the challenge. So far so good but I expect to run into some interesting problems as the project progresses. Walter
  12. Hi, Happy New Year. It’s time for a quick update. The hull has been planked and now it’s time to start working on the beams and gun deck planking. Walter
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