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  1. Amazing work!!! Even the every smallest detail looks perfect.
  2. Hi all ship mates. Small update of my build process. I start accept the idea that there is not much left until the model will be finished
  3. Hi Justin My Idea to add locker, pump room comes from ChadB built model. Thanks him for inspiration. When i start build your model as a guideline i use Chadb model. "tkay11" and "AnobiumPunctatum" also help me with recommending good reference book. The Fully Framed model HMN Swan Class Sloops 1767-1780 by David Antscherl. And of course a lot advice I found here on the forum simply browsing other models. Putting all information together I create my own vision about pump/locker room details and measurements. I hope that the information provided will helps
  4. Hi all. I decided make quick update about my cross section last time this year. I done rigging for gun carriages. Looks good for me. But next model i definitely will be made without any rigging:) Thanks to anyone. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  5. Thanks Chad The idea about initial block was taken from "tkay11" Triton cross section build. Thanks to him for that. I just do it a little changes. I make it a little longer and with 3 carriages in one time. The principle is quite simply. I pre cut all parts by sizes and right mitre. After glue them together. Only I use glue on ends of parts/Red line/ When all milling,sawing and preparing works was done I simply cut off glued parts/Green line/. In my opinion it worked quite well. Only I'm not sure if I'd do
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