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  1. Hi Justin My Idea to add locker, pump room comes from ChadB built model. Thanks him for inspiration. When i start build your model as a guideline i use Chadb model. "tkay11" and "AnobiumPunctatum" also help me with recommending good reference book. The Fully Framed model HMN Swan Class Sloops 1767-1780 by David Antscherl. And of course a lot advice I found here on the forum simply browsing other models. Putting all information together I create my own vision about pump/locker room details and measurements. I hope that the information provided will helps
  2. Hi all. I decided make quick update about my cross section last time this year. I done rigging for gun carriages. Looks good for me. But next model i definitely will be made without any rigging:) Thanks to anyone. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  3. Thanks Chad The idea about initial block was taken from "tkay11" Triton cross section build. Thanks to him for that. I just do it a little changes. I make it a little longer and with 3 carriages in one time. The principle is quite simply. I pre cut all parts by sizes and right mitre. After glue them together. Only I use glue on ends of parts/Red line/ When all milling,sawing and preparing works was done I simply cut off glued parts/Green line/. In my opinion it worked quite well. Only I'm not sure if I'd do
  4. HI There Finally finished my work on gun carriages. Here will be a couple of photos from the whole process. And final product
  5. Thanks Matt D. To mark up positions for mounting holes i cover required area with masking tape. After a couple of attempts i draw pretty straight and equal positions to drill holes.
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