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  1. I see. It looks great but I don’t know if I’d have the patience for it! best regards
  2. Nice model by the looks of it Christian. I’m looking forward to watching it develop. Really interested in your first planking method.
  3. She looks great mate. The bottle being empty is no bad thing. It gives opportunity to invest in another and watch time pass. Your planking is way better than mine was Henrik, just a quick question. Did you too end up with a dip in the 4/5 rib area on the starb’d bow? I am starting to think that there is an issue with the kit in this respect as several other builders here have hit it too. It doesn’t appear to have anything that causes it to be out of line yet it happens. Anyway, good to see you enjoying her still. Are you intending on second planking with long planks or cutting down to scale planks at 120 mm thereabouts? I tried both on mine the longer ones below the waterline and under the copperwork to come. I found the shorter lengths made shaping and bending so much easier. Have a Scotch and think about it.
  4. Good choice. Not my favourite Scotch by a long chalk but shows a certain taste in the man! Hope all’s well and you haven’t been driven to drink over her?
  5. I used balsa on my build of HMS Agamemnon, it was as good as useless in my mind. In future I would use a soft wood but much firmer than balsa which would accept a pin and hold it without straining to push it in.
  6. Congratulations Michael on the birth of your child and your planking. Just found your build log and you are an inspiration. I am obviously far too impatient with my build. I shall continue to watch your build with great pleasure. You are an artist.
  7. My build too has been slow. I have had a period where my build stopped due to a medical issue causing numb hands. Now this is corrected, I hope to steam ahead. I hope you enjoy the summer. I found the second planking best with individually cut 124mm long planks. A, it gives a better finish under the paint, b, the shaping was much easier. Regards Eric
  8. Thanks Henke, are you at this stage yet? It is really boring even worse than planking her!
  9. Copper sheathed bottoms are not my favourite! Starb’d side finished to the waterline. Guys, I know you like photos but really, watching paint dry would be far more exciting! These were taken around the halfway stage. Nothing special, just repetition. I’m thinking of breaking and repainting the side before starting the Port side, then moving onto the keel.
  10. An updated photo of the coppering to date. First side and up to the waterline fore and aft.




  11. Great job on the planking Henke. Remember that this is the first planking. I am building this as my first build, I became hung up on a problem around the bows area. Eventually, I simply accepted it was not the end of the world cut a portion out and rebuilt it. I then found having smothered the hull in filler and rubbed it down, there was actually very little filler left. I then covered it all anyway! My time on the vessel is restricted by my work too. So, many years of watching your build ahead will likely be finished around the same time. Good luck and enjoy the build.
  12. Copper plating is almost as bad as planking!  I am now at the stage where I am really looking forward to the end of the plating so I can move on to the more intricate parts. 

  13. Great small boats. My best news is that someone cancelled their surgery and I was given an early call. So, neck surgery done about ten days ago and it is so good to get the feeling back in my hands. I am not able to carry on with the main build but am making the incidentals like the anchors etc whilst convalescing. I hope that your polymyalgia stays at bay. Good luck as you press on.
  14. Just found your build log Donn. She is my first build and I am at the same stage as your after about four years. I became a little disheartened with the first planking not laying exactly as I would like and then ploughing through others logs aw that it was just me being over sensitive to my need for perfection. Filler is a true friend now. I found the second planking easier and better. Subsequently, I have suffered a slight medical set back which now seems to be fixed so, whilst we shall certainly not be competing in the build speed stakes, I shall follow with pleasure knowing someone somewhere else in the world is having the same issues as me with this great kit. Yours is looking great and I look forward to more entries as you go. I also am still working which takes much of even my “spare” time!
  15. Just seen this build. Wow, flights of fancy, pimp my boat and such words come to mind. Love it. You have so many original ideas this has quite blown me away. I too am building a vessel where I didn’t want the finished article to look like a pristine out of the box kit and have tried to weather it a little. Your treatment of the running tackle and rigging is the sort of thing I want to do so I hope you will not mind me pinching your ideas. Awesome well done and I shall keep an eye out for any future builds. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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