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  1. Inactive account please delete.


  2. The size limitations are mostly due to the size of the machine. Time is also a factor. If you are printing something huge, it can take a very long time to do. I shudder to think of how long a print would take if I maxed out my build volume of 300mm by 220mm by 500mm. Also I should note that my the printer was only 280mm by 200mm by 200mm when I first got it. All you need to do to increase build volume is make the frame larger and reflect the new size in the firmware. The main difference I see in the machines is build quality and safety features. Take the Anet A8 for example: though its a
  3. You could plop a Titan Aero on it. That would allow you to significantly up the speed. Lulzbot sells a head with the Titan Aero, so you can probably get the files for the new X carriage off their site.
  4. How's that lulzbot treating you?. I've used a taz6 before but wasn't too impressed. Perhaps I didn't have enough time to get to know it though. All my personal printers have been cheap ones. One I built from scraps and only cost me $30.
  5. You can actually get it for free if you're a hobbyist or a startup. No need to get a student licence.
  6. I wonder when my airbags will go off, ooh that must have been them, am I upside down? I wonder if my door still works, no, I guess not, I'll kick it open, well that didn't work, I'm gonna have to climb out the window. Essentially my whole thought process.
  7. Rolling your car is always fun. think about the best roller coaster you've been on then add it the middle of a trip to Harbor Freight.
  8. No one was hurt, but my car has seen better days. There was a construction zone where the stoplights were messed up and I got hit. It was however the funnest thing that has happened to me recently.
  9. Well I wrecked my car today, but on the bright side I now have all three of my 3D printers op and running.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I don't get on here much but hopefully that will change soon as I have acquired a new piece of tech. The device in question is a 3D printer. The filament I ordered won't arrive until Tuesday but the machine did come with enough to make a few prints. Lextin.
  11. Not an update on my model, but more an update on me. A couple weeks ago I went out and bought myself a car. funny thing is that I went in looking at Honda Civics and came out with a jeep. Lextin.
  12. The sadness sets in, knowing that I've sealed the Byzantium into a grey tomb that knows no light and it will not be seen again for several years. Lextin.
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