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  1. Thanks Chuck, I appreciate your immediate response. I like the look of the cables and I think that's the way I'll go. Regards, Russell
  2. Hi Chuck, Waiting for my kit to arrive. I have downloaded the build instructions and am going over them to get a better feel for the challenge ahead. I agree with the others in that your build is fantastic and your explanation of the processes is clear. I have one question. I cannot see the anchor cable. I would have thought it should come on board via the hawse holes. Unless I am missing something, the anchor seems to be lashed to the forward gun opening with no cable attached. Could you please clarify for me. Regards, Russell
  3. Thanks Allen, If the guys that wrote the book and built the boat confirm best practice, that's good enough for me. Now... Back to work! Thanks everybody. Regards, Russell
  4. Thanks Kevin, It took me longer to make a 1:48 frame for my Euryalus than it took him in full scale!!! but now you have me hooked on ALL his rebuild... Some great hints that can be applied to small scale. Regards, Russell
  5. Thanks Druxey and Wayne. I figured as much but didn't want to take the risk. As to my need for more info, having referred to EdT's Naiad build, my immediate questions have been answered. His log will now be my go to. EdT, thank you also.
  6. Hi all. I am having a frustrating time trying to figure out the start of the internal planking. I am building the Euryalus from the excellent books from Allan and Wayne. The book explains the "end" of the limber strake and filler at Frame R Forward. No problem but there is no reference to the end of the strake at Aft. Is there a certain frame or do you just allow for the strake to follow the natural fall (allowing for the filler piece} or do you just allow for the frame which would obviously not hold water and automatically drain to the channel. I appreciate any help or advice on thi
  7. Hi Danny I'm watching too. Should be an education as your others are! Belated Happy Birthday from me as well. Regards, Russell
  8. Hi Cliff, Just want to pass on my experience with them. I recall the only problem Danny had with the guns was that it took a while to get them. Other than that, what I read was very positive. I contacted Alex for cannon for my Euryalus in advance so that a wait would not matter and also I could start on the carriages when modeller's block happened. I wanted 46, 52, 60 and 65mm cannon and 32 and 45mm carronades. The problems were he could only supply 46 and 65mm and the 52 were without King George insignia. Also there was a minimum order of 100 euros with a 60 euro postage cost. I could we
  9. Hi Danny, I went through a serious bout with cancer a few years ago. The Chemo / Radio these days is so targeted that the results are normally very good. I believe you found yours early and this is also good. I have been pronounced "cured" and I'm positive you will have the same results. My sincere best wishes are with you. The coach sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the progress. Regards, Russell
  10. Alexandru, Congratulations on a spectacular model and especially thanks for publishing your website, allowing us to continue to use your skills as a teaching tool. I look forward to following your next project. Regards, Russell
  11. Hi Danny, Fantastic(as usual) so far. Good luck with a damage free move! Maybe you can rethink rigging her, now that the mast won't poke through the roof!!!! Look forward to the next post. Regards, Russell
  12. Hi Danny, Missed the updates but we all need a break and it obviously has done you some good. The progress is as expected. Another art lesson! I trust you and yours had a great Christmas and I for one, look forward to sharing the New Year with you (figuratively speaking). Regards, Russell
  13. Hi Danny, I am really looking forward to detailed building techniques which were sadly lost after the "crash". Now that I have started the Euryalus, I am finding the progress a little frustrating without being able to follow detailed instructions from those who have gone before.Although the books are good and the MSW pictures are fantastic, I find myself asking "how did they do that?". Now I'll know. Now back to my "daily fix". And thanks for choosing a "Period build". Regards, Russell
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