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  1. Chapter four materials list has been uploaded in the first post of this topic. I am working on finishing up the Chapter 4 of the monograph now and should have the parts ready as well. Maybe a few days more. Take a look at the materials list though because when you buy the package for the laser cut parts for chapter four.....you may need to get more 2" planking sheets to rip planks/strips for your gun deck and bulwarks. It depends on how many you have left.....I added how many I used four chapter 4 to the list....as well as two 4" wide sheets of 3/64" cedar so you guys can make your margin planks. Rather than laser cut these it is better if you make them to fit your model perfectly. I uploaded the template for them as they will absolutely need to be tweaked to fit your model well. I uploaded it to the Winnie plans download forum.....where you downloaded the plans. Chuck
  2. Those flags look really good. Very realistic and to scale. You shaped them pretty darn good too. If you alternate the blades of the sweeps on the left and right sides of each stack, it looks much better and more balanced.
  3. No but that is easy enough to add on your own. Those look weird to me because you cant fit all the shrouds and no backstays so a mast looks like a big stick. One that detracts from the cross section itself. Not a big fan of that on a cross section.
  4. Funny. You guys should go to shapeways and search through the thousands of 1:48 scale figures they offer. Buy the top grade print available. I am positive that any person can find a figure that resembles themselves and then you paint it to make it look even more like you. Its kind of creepy but makes for an interesting picture. That figure cost me $8. But I am fortunate to have a close friend who enjoys painting them. And he did an excellent job. They zero naval figures that are any good at this scale so this was the next best thing. Give it a try!!!
  5. You could try it. I have not heard of that. But there is no way to tell until you try it. It could work well.
  6. Jorge, the break at the forecastle you see is very much typical and correct. Later they continued it to the forecastle but early on this was indeed the way it done. Just have a look at the many contemporary sources available. Too many to list but here are some contemporary examples.
  7. A fully framed cross section of Winnie will be next if I am not pulled in another direction by inspiration elsewhere. Plans are already in development. But i have been seriously contemplating the US Sloop Hornet of 1812 also. Gathering info on that one as I write this.
  8. Thank You. The key for me ....and what is always in the front of my mind when developing a kit...is this mantra "Any kit I make straight out of the box should never look kit-like. If it cant stand side by side with the most accurate scratch built models then I have failed. If any one buying my kits has to discard any part at all, I have failed. Once completed, all of my kits built straight out of the box should hold their own alongside the most experienced scratch builders and accurate contemporary models of the same subject matter. If it doesnt then I have failed. Historical accuracy and detail is of the utmost importance. No compromises." I believe this is the standard that all kit MFGs should strive for and be judged by. Chuck
  9. Only an hour since I announced. Only have two left now!!! I guess I will have to mill more Cherry sheets and start making more of them......😄 I was hoping to make more Longboat kits first. I am almost done making a dozen sets of the new Chapter four parts for Winnie. The factory is back in full production mode....as long as my new wood guy can keep up that is. The Winnie is basically a large kit. With 90% of all the parts for this model being laser cut. Too many to put in one box, Again, straight out of the box. The only thing different from a traditional kit is you have to mill your own planking strips. But you wont be throwing any parts away and replacing them. I am quite proud of that....all while maintaining the utmost historical accuracy. Should have Chapter 4 parts in cedar in about a week ready to ship!!! Now that my supply chain issues are clearing up I am energetic to get things moving along. The last month has sucked and was very stressful to say the least. Good to be back at 100% capacity.....or at least around 80% currently.
  10. At this stage I would prefer not to run out of stuff a day after I finish making them. Much rather get caught up first. It never ends.....but yes I am a horrible businessman. LOL....My wife reminds me constantly. 😀 Chuck
  11. As I start catching up with my milled lumber supply I will start notifying you guys when I have stuff back in stock that has been absent for a while. For example.....I just finished up 6 Queen Anne Barge kits. They are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Hopefully they wont go as quickly as they usually do!!! Here are some wonderful photos of Jean-Paul's model he just completed. He did a superb job on it!!! He built it straight out of the box!!! With these results. To my knowledge I am about the only MFG where folks dont seem to throw anything away and replace it. You can get results like this straight out of the box. How many other MFGs can also claim that? A historically accurate and wonderful model that Jean-Paul built. The best marketing a company can have for his products....Thank You Jean Paul.
  12. Your model looks fantastic. Quite well done and it was a pleasure to follow along as you built it.

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