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  1. It was just an example....we are not strict about any of this. Its all in the eye of the beholder. As you can tell by the many builds in our scratch forum that many purists would say shouldnt be there. But its all good. We will never bust chops about it. It was just an attempt to explain the traditional views when folks get serious about such distinctions.....which we are really not. Chuck
  2. let us know what you find out....
  3. Welcome to the forum. It probably is Chinese....what brand of kit is it because we have a ban on some Chinese kits because they are pirated from legitimate manufacturers. A good place to start is here....click on this topic below. If you have any questions about it please contact me and I can tell you if it is in fact a banned or pirated kit. We do not allow these to be built on our site for obvious reasons. If its the one I am thinking of (huasong) which is only about 20" long then you will have hard time building it. The kit itself is not a copy BUT......Its an awful kit and although it is cheap, you will get very frustrated trying to build it. This particular company does have a pirated copy of two other smaller subjects....a Harvey kit and an albatross kit. And because of this they are banned from our site. These were copied from long standing MFGs. Better to start with a smaller and simpler subject from a quality MFG rather than a 3 decker 100 gun ship in a very small scale from cheap Chinese site. Not really recommended for a first time model builder. Chuck
  4. Really nice...you are moving so quickly.... You are going to catch up to me and will be hanging around waiting on the next steps...LOL
  5. That center hold-down is good....just remember that everyone using yellow cedar....you will need to place a scrap on top of the strip when you clamp the ends. The cedar is soft and will dent without some protection under the clamps. Otherwise this is what I do using a travel iron for heat.
  6. Really looking great Bob......you have one clean and precise longboat there!!!!
  7. That is a term used to signify a section of the lower hull for planking. For example.....the hull has 25 strakes from the wales to the keel. To make it more manageable, these were divided into four sections referred to as "belts" of planking. It is far better to concentrate on each smaller belt as one task to do than an entire hull. The winnie has for such belts of planking below the wales and each should be treated as its own small project. The goal being to complete one belt at a time......something to be celebrated by a pint or a shot at the end of the day once you finish one. I am currently working on my second belt of planking on the starboard side of the hull......almost ready for that Rolling Rock!!!!!
  8. You wont find holly anywhere. Boxwood will be tough too. But Cherry is easy enough to find. You will find many places for Cherry in strip and sheet form. Anyway...this guy in Europe supposedly sells Boxwood and pear strips. But his website is kind of poor. Folks speak highly of them though. https://www.arkowood-lossburg.de/ Remember that the boxwood strips from model expo are NOT boxwood. They are cheap died soft wood veneer cut into strips. Its also bright yellow.
  9. They all look very good. Which one are you going to use? I think the cherry version would look great. Chuck
  10. Mike...you can wait until you are ready to set up a build log. Also download the materials list for each chapter which will detail all the wood sizes you will need. It’s all listed. But hurry up and finish that model do you can join us.
  11. Welcome Bill....glad t have you aboard. Just remember to go slow and take your time. Dont hesitate to ask me any questions. And most important....have fun with it.

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