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  1. Thank you Lawrence. Jan, my build is currently going at a crawling pace. There is so much else to do and going on in my life at the moment. But every once in a while I have the opportunity to make a few fixed blocks, so at least there is progress. But not something worthwhile to show here... Remco
  2. Thank you Lawrence, Montañes, The hinges on the shotlocker are not workable. Back then I didn't have the soldering skills to do that. Now I could make them workable if I wanted to, just like the hinges on the stove. But what you see in the picture is a combination of stock card painted black and brass rod. Remco
  3. Thanks Danny. I’ve taken Greg’s approach, but it iis pretty confusing if you try to do this with the book and the supplied drawings. I’ll make some extras and pick the ones that turned out best. Currently this is what I think I will need: 4” 7 single blocks 5” 11 single 6” 30 single 7” 11 single 8” 27 single 9” 10 single 10” 4 single 11” 4 double 12” 12 double 14” 11 single and 4 double 15” 1 single 20” 10 single 138 in total and that is not a lot I think so I might have forgotten some. And this is only the rigging of the masts so the gun tackles would need another 32 🧐 Remco
  4. I have a question for the group. Has anybody figured out the number of blocks and sizes that are needed to fully rig a Swan class? I thought it would be a good project to get into my build again to make them all in one go. Remco
  5. Sure Greg 😉 I was trying to avoid going down that road. I will take that as a last option if needed 😁. Remco
  6. I have a question for the group. Has anybody figured out the number of blocks and sizes that are needed to fully rig a Swan class? I thought it would be a good project to get into my build again to make them all in one go. Remco
  7. My plug already found a new owner, but you could make one from scratch as well. I did this for my Pinnace and it was fun to do. You don't have to make the cut outs for the frames as I found it easier to install them after the planking was finished. If you use a minimal amount of glue it won't stick to the mold and you can take the hull from the plug any time during the building process to check if the internal fitting is right to. It will be delicate though. I use Titebond regular (the red bottle) very sparingly in all parts of my build and wipe off any excess glue imediately. Remco
  8. Hi everybody, I realize I have been away from MSW for way to long. So here is a quick update. Well Kingfisher is somewhat in the mothball as I had trouble to keep motivated building the inner planking. I had some other projects going on in my workshop like building a semi full size router/tablesaw combination, some furniture and a side step into paper modeling. The biggest project started beginning of this year when I was approached for a new job. It involved relocation to Sweden so that kept me and my wife very busy. Meanwhile we have been living here in Sweden for a little over a month now. My workshop is back in business, allthough all current projects are related to the house. But it should not take too long before I could comence with some modeling. Wether it will be paper or wood I’m not sure yet. So I’m still alive and kicking. Remco
  9. You have a fantastic build going on here Danny. At some point you mentioned sanding the hull skin (edges?), why and how did you do that? Remco
  10. Both your metalwork and paintjob on the steeringwheel are stunning. What brand did you use, Alcad? Remco
  11. Thanks all for the warm welcome back! So here's some progress. The forward strokes of the spriketting are done. Two layers of wood are used, they are now thin enough to bend by hand and set them in place to do the final shaping to match the waterway. They are done anchor stock style, so not having to do wet/warm bending them is a big plus. The first layer is intentionally done a bit wider and cut to size after the second layer is fixed (the surplus is seen in the second pic) Getting to fay the planks into the waterway called for some additional sanding and shaping to get a clean transition. The quick work will be thinner and can probably be done with a single layer of planking. Remco
  12. Hi John, Thank you for your very kind words Best wishes for 2017 to you and everybody else on MSW. I have some good news for you as I will start updating my build log very soon. I'll tell a secret, I really hate doing hull planking especially on the inside with thicker planking. This kept me from progressing my build and found other means to spend my spare time for the past year. Last week I was reinspired after making a 1:5 hall table study model for a next project in my house. So I started to pick up modeling again over the past few days and decided to do some cheating to make my life a little easier. The spriketting will be done laminated style for ease of application. I'm pleased with the first results and will start posting some pictures the coming days. Sorry for keeping everybody waiting this long. Remco
  13. Way to go with your carving Piet. Looking at Gwen's fathers pic I suddenly saw a striking resemblance with Marian (Piet's daughter). Pretty weird especially if I told you I look a lot like my Grandmother on my mothers side. I'll pm the pic and let you decide :-) Remco

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