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  1. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. As per request I openend a post for the bike build: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/27075-ducati-1199-panigale-s-tricolore-by-remcohe-tamiya-112/ Remco
  2. Hi, While waiting to get back at my Kingfisher I got back into plastic modeling. I never was interested in motorcycles, but from a modeling perspective they are very interesting. The painting is challanging and putting the thing together is not easy. On top of the kit I used tamiya's Detail-up frontfork set set for this bike and Topstudio's Detail-up set to replace the brakediscs and add some nuts and bolts. Both additions are recommended especially the frontfork set. For painting I used Tamiya's laquer paint, excellent paint especially for the metal colors. Alle the body panels w
  3. So a little sign of life. In the past two years a lot has happened that has nothing to do with shipbuilding unfortunately. So in a nutshell this is what happened. A year and a half after I had moved to Sweden I got redundant and I have been searching for a new job since. Understandably not an easy task under the current economic circumstances. To cut costs I moved back to The Netherlands and moved in with my dad. All my stuff including the things from my workshop are in storage and I'm praying my Kingfisher will survive this mothball experience. To keep my hands busy between the t
  4. Thank you Lawrence. Jan, my build is currently going at a crawling pace. There is so much else to do and going on in my life at the moment. But every once in a while I have the opportunity to make a few fixed blocks, so at least there is progress. But not something worthwhile to show here... Remco
  5. Thank you Lawrence, Montañes, The hinges on the shotlocker are not workable. Back then I didn't have the soldering skills to do that. Now I could make them workable if I wanted to, just like the hinges on the stove. But what you see in the picture is a combination of stock card painted black and brass rod. Remco
  6. Thanks Danny. I’ve taken Greg’s approach, but it iis pretty confusing if you try to do this with the book and the supplied drawings. I’ll make some extras and pick the ones that turned out best. Currently this is what I think I will need: 4” 7 single blocks 5” 11 single 6” 30 single 7” 11 single 8” 27 single 9” 10 single 10” 4 single 11” 4 double 12” 12 double 14” 11 single and 4 double 15” 1 single 20” 10 single 138 in total and that is not a lot I think so I might have forgotten some. And this i
  7. I have a question for the group. Has anybody figured out the number of blocks and sizes that are needed to fully rig a Swan class? I thought it would be a good project to get into my build again to make them all in one go. Remco
  8. Sure Greg 😉 I was trying to avoid going down that road. I will take that as a last option if needed 😁. Remco
  9. I have a question for the group. Has anybody figured out the number of blocks and sizes that are needed to fully rig a Swan class? I thought it would be a good project to get into my build again to make them all in one go. Remco
  10. My plug already found a new owner, but you could make one from scratch as well. I did this for my Pinnace and it was fun to do. You don't have to make the cut outs for the frames as I found it easier to install them after the planking was finished. If you use a minimal amount of glue it won't stick to the mold and you can take the hull from the plug any time during the building process to check if the internal fitting is right to. It will be delicate though. I use Titebond regular (the red bottle) very sparingly in all parts of my build and wipe off any excess glue imediately. Remc
  11. Hi everybody, I realize I have been away from MSW for way to long. So here is a quick update. Well Kingfisher is somewhat in the mothball as I had trouble to keep motivated building the inner planking. I had some other projects going on in my workshop like building a semi full size router/tablesaw combination, some furniture and a side step into paper modeling. The biggest project started beginning of this year when I was approached for a new job. It involved relocation to Sweden so that kept me and my wife very busy. Meanwhile we have been living here in Sweden for a l
  12. You have a fantastic build going on here Danny. At some point you mentioned sanding the hull skin (edges?), why and how did you do that? Remco
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