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  1. Started my triton cross section today. I plan to build this when I need a break from the Winchelsea I just started. Never done two builds at once.
  2. Received a package today from Chuck and got a few things assembled. Parts fit very well, I'm impressed with the accuracy of the laser cut parts and I"m even more impressed with the quality of the wood! Fantastic stuff!!
  3. This will be my first build log and my first build not from a kit so take it easy on me. I've built several ship models from kits (both plastic and wood) and I've never been satisfied with kits. After chucking down my cash I get a kit with trash for wood and metal carvings that are barely passable or an outdated plastic kit. After reading through lots of your logs and seeing how helpful Chuck is I decided to jump in. So here we go. Got my bulkheads all cut and my slip built. Everything is just dry fit while I wait on my chapter 1 laser cut parts. Yea I know bulkhead #1 is missing, I have to re
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