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  1. Thank you very much, friends. I took some new photos. Here they are. Jan
  2. Dear Friends, The ship is finished already. I hope that everything is OK now ( almost ) I´m sure you´ll see a lot of mistakes there , but it´s just a model. Thank to you all for your suppport. Here are some photos. Jan
  3. Thank you, friends. Abhovi: thank you and other for forgiving But: you give me good idea. If you let me, I will cheat too. Now I have solution how to do brails to be visible and how to remove them before the cleaning. About cleaning... I have 10 ships, from the biggest ( La Couronne ) to the smallest ( Nina ) at home . I clean them once a year: hull by a wet brush , sails, rigging and yards by mini vacuum cleaner. It takes several days, and mainly sails is hard to clean. I don´t want to have ships in plastic boxes. Jan
  4. Thank you, friends, for your replies. Abhovi: I know, they should. I didn´t do them for a practical reason: because of cleaning sails ( I have a small vacuum cleaner , and they are a pretty good obstacles). There´s no problem to make it. But I have one question: what is the way they are led? As I could read from some of plans, they are led through blocks placed on a standing rigging. Sometimes they are led through yard ( as I can see on your models ). Which is the right way? Btw, on the model of Swan/ ghost ship you made, I don´t see them ( see the picture ) Jan
  5. Rdk: Thank you, Radek I finally finished the rigging. I hope I didn´t forget any rope The finish is very near. Jan
  6. Thank you friends for your replies. Louie da fly: I used my wife´s fohn you can see it on the fourth picture. All sails are on the ship. Now I can continue with second part of running rigging, and I have to made some necessary parts of the ship. Jan
  7. Thanks friends for your replies ! Louie da fly: All my ships are with sails. Maybe there´s some kind of magic for me And, yes, you´re right. flying dutchman2: thank you Yes, fluyts were unique vessels , I think I did a good choice. Sails are made. I used a piece of silk shirt. At first I impregnated the cloth using the mix of glue / water 1/20. After drying I flat it, and cut sails out. Then you can glue threads. Then I punctured sails for hanging, impregnated them once again and forming by fohn. That´s all. But it took a while. Jan
  8. Thank you friends for your replies. Louie da fly: I don´t think it´s close to complete - I have to make the most important equipment for the sailing ship - sails and do the second part of running rigging, that´s quite a lot. tkay 11: decks are made of strips of foils, and patinated with anilin water colors, then coated with matt colorless paint. see pics below. Bowsprit is finally finished and rigged, I hope I did it right. And now, as I mentioned, I can to start to make sails. Jan
  9. I finished the first part of running rigging for masts. Now I can finish the bowsprit and rig it too ☺️ Jan
  10. Almost all yards are on their places, just topsail spritsail yard is not. I´ll hang it at last ( I broke sprit topmast twice ). I´m still continuing with running rigging. Jan
  11. Work in progress. Completing parrals and hanging of yards. Jan
  12. Thank you, friends, for your replies. Louie da fly: probably yes, if you have as a cargo some logs or planks or boards, you need a place. But if you want to know more, please ask Abhovi. I completed all the yards 😊 and start to make ribs for parrals. I also ordered 1,4 mm beads for them. And I have to produce some blocks...a lot of blocks... Jan
  13. It took me a long time ( because of different reasons ) to continue, but I´m still working on the ship. Masts and standing rigging are completed. Jan
  14. Tops and stays fixed. Now I can continue to build the next level of masts. Jan
  15. My friends... I finally found a time for continuing...and made some deadeyes and tops, so I could start with standing rigging. I hope to have more time now. Jan
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