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  1. Thank you friends for your replies. Louie da fly: I used my wife´s fohn you can see it on the fourth picture. All sails are on the ship. Now I can continue with second part of running rigging, and I have to made some necessary parts of the ship. Jan
  2. Thanks friends for your replies ! Louie da fly: All my ships are with sails. Maybe there´s some kind of magic for me And, yes, you´re right. flying dutchman2: thank you Yes, fluyts were unique vessels , I think I did a good choice. Sails are made. I used a piece of silk shirt. At first I impregnated the cloth using the mix of glue / water 1/20. After drying I flat it, and cut sails out. Then you can glue threads. Then I punctured sails for hanging, impregnated them once again and forming by fohn. That´s all. But it took a while. Jan
  3. Thank you friends for your replies. Louie da fly: I don´t think it´s close to complete - I have to make the most important equipment for the sailing ship - sails and do the second part of running rigging, that´s quite a lot. tkay 11: decks are made of strips of foils, and patinated with anilin water colors, then coated with matt colorless paint. see pics below. Bowsprit is finally finished and rigged, I hope I did it right. And now, as I mentioned, I can to start to make sails. Jan
  4. I finished the first part of running rigging for masts. Now I can finish the bowsprit and rig it too ☺️ Jan
  5. Almost all yards are on their places, just topsail spritsail yard is not. I´ll hang it at last ( I broke sprit topmast twice ). I´m still continuing with running rigging. Jan
  6. Work in progress. Completing parrals and hanging of yards. Jan
  7. Thank you, friends, for your replies. Louie da fly: probably yes, if you have as a cargo some logs or planks or boards, you need a place. But if you want to know more, please ask Abhovi. I completed all the yards 😊 and start to make ribs for parrals. I also ordered 1,4 mm beads for them. And I have to produce some blocks...a lot of blocks... Jan
  8. It took me a long time ( because of different reasons ) to continue, but I´m still working on the ship. Masts and standing rigging are completed. Jan
  9. Tops and stays fixed. Now I can continue to build the next level of masts. Jan
  10. My friends... I finally found a time for continuing...and made some deadeyes and tops, so I could start with standing rigging. I hope to have more time now. Jan
  11. yancovitch: no... just masts, yards and sails....thank you. Jan
  12. michael mott: Thank you, Mike. Dear friends, the hull is finished. Now I can continue with propulsion ( it means, btw, to produce a lot of my lovely deadeyes ) Jan
  13. Thank you, friends. Chuck Seiler: the lenght of the wreck is 38,1 m. The lenght overall incude the bowsprit based on the plans is cca 47 m. Jan
  14. Thank you, friends, for your comments. Daniel Caramango: some carvings are cutted from paper, then hardened by superglue, figures are made from modurit - it is the plastic modeling mass hardening by boiling or baking. I made some parts of decoration - roman soldiers ( I hope it looks like soldiers, I´m not very good sculptor and figures are just 25 mm long ), pedestals, molding on the stern and two little carvings on the bow, catheads, gun carriages ( simple ones I glued inside the ship ) and gun barrels. Just gunports lids and the lamp are missing. Jan
  15. Omega1234: Thank you, Patrick. Anna Maria and curtains on the stern, deck and lion on the bow are added. Jan
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