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  1. Nails are great, Silverman And well done with the soldering, you have mastered the knack of it Super clean Good fits Right flux Fast heat Tiny amount of solder I like the colour you are achieving as well
  2. Hi, Steven For your next project I/we suggest that you do whatever you feel challenged by; and/or whatever allume votre âme et fait vibrer votre cœur de joie I still favour the Quinquireme of Nineveh, with a full set of rowers. There is a crying need for Louie-da-Fly research into the what and how of the quinquireme and wth Ophir was😁 BTW - the Dromon is sailing more or less southward, so the canopy would be deployed to keep the rays off the lily-white skin of the Emp, so perhaps you could roll up the side curtains, or scandalize them to show the Gaffer-of
  3. How right you are. His family name is “Goodheadforheights” indeed the byzantine world encompassed a wide geographical and ethnic base - most of the known western world And Larson WOULD have a duck take on the Viking helm😁
  4. Not only a stunning and beautifully built model, Steven, but also a journey of discovery through the Byzantine empire. Lots of unclear evidence winnowed and crystallised into the Dromon. You can be proud of it/her ( I have no idea whether Mediterranean ships are referred to as feminine!) Many thanks for sharing. I can safely say that no one who viewed your build log will ever pull a hose without seeing ( in their minds eye) a lateen yard rising steadily with three unfurlers ( Tom, Dick and Mustafa?) ensconced thereapon.
  5. It seems to me that the Dromarch would be flailed round the head by the flag tails in any following wind. I hope Louie was spared that, or wore an anti-swooping helmet
  6. Pics welcome! The problems you mention are mere breadcrumbs in the bed of life! You have surged past the bottlenecks/ breadcrumbs and are about to regale us with layers and pics Avanti!
  7. That’s as maybe😁 They are engaging to watch and expert fliers
  8. The spar is ( perhaps not surprisingly) a sprit. Probably a Dutch word I think, and pronounced “spreet” on Thames Barges. Gloriously the rope holding the bottom end of the sprit is the snotter. Beautiful work on the boat, Bolin. Extremely clean woodwork and a good result.
  9. I suspect that Louie was referring to the local Magpie, which is not so different to the pied Butcher bird I love the name given to the Australasian Magpie: flutehead! (cracticus tibicen). When I first learned that it was tibiceps (flutehead). I grew up in Europe where the magpie is a pied crow, and No one but it’s mother would describe it and tuneful. Raucous, yes. im sure bicycle helmets are mandatory in Australia to protect cyclists from swooping Maggies, and cable ties are a stylish accessory.
  10. Thanks, Kris I’m going to think of that as a large 1mm. Tonight I made two versions of a “marker of lands” having discovered that the compasses I have are not accurate with their jaws so close together.
  11. Apologies- you had shown us clearly that it is silly putty on previous posts Nice little boat, beautiful clean woodwork by you.
  12. I plump for reason 4 as the true cause of the putty’s intransigence. It would follow naturally from Murphy’s Law. It is a well known fact that model aircraft fly perfectly and endlessly until a stopwatch is started. What sort of putty is this? Is it the linseed based ‘glaziers‘ putty?
  13. So If the zylocastra had a means of communicating with the captain would that be a xylophone? very sorry, Steven. Failed to resist. Wonderful model and backstory. Getting better as you enter the finishing straight as well. I hope the little man lying down is feeling better in time to carry out his duties
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