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  1. Hinges seem to be a problem in this kit ! In mine, I have the three hinges that fit the rudder but not the three that fit the sternpost. I would normally expect better QC from Amati. You're build looks great ! Cheers Clive
  2. Subterfuge ?? Make a fire ship look like a fire ship and it could be spotted early giving the enemy fleet time to cut anchors / flee. Make the fireship look like a normal ship of the line and it can get in close to the enemy fleet before the fuses set off the fires / explosives.
  3. Was taking off at night on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Sydney when the plane was struck by lightning. Huge flash and a simultaneous boom lit and shook the plane. The pilot, a laconic Australian, noted the lightning strike but promised to get the bar service opened ASAP, We passengers appreciated that !
  4. Hi Jerry, I am also just finishing the Sloup and had the same questions as you. I decided that the rings did not look right so I replaced them with a thick rope lashing the mainsail to the mast in a series of loops which is the way I have seen it done on similar models of French fishing boats. And I added a downhaul on the boon by looping a chain over the boom and attaching to a deadeye in the deck just aft of the mast. Odd thing with my kit was that the sails were both over a cm too small in each dimension compared to the plan so I made my own. Hope this
  5. Just been out to town to pick up a few items, all of which I paid for using a contactless credit card. Although there have been concerns raised in the UK about how quickly we are moving to a cashless society, I wonder how much faster this virus would spread if we were still passing lots of paper and coins amongst ourselves when we shop ?
  6. OC Where are u located ? Down here in Devon, I have seen a number of volunteer groups getting started who will go out and do shopping or collect medications for those unable to do so due to age or self-isolation. Maybe you could search Facebook for your area ? And these groups only take your money when they deliver the shopping ! Clive
  7. Reading all the commentary about toilet paper, I am reminded of a sign in the submariners quarters in Malta during WW2 ............. "Two sheets per s++t. Or you're a S++t" Sound advice in current circumstances !
  8. Harry, I moved my ship models from Hong Kong to Beijing and finally to Devon {UK). Each time the shippers built stout crates from pallet timber, lined with polystyrene, and wedged polystyrene blocks around the hulls and between the yard ends and the crate sides. Other than a couple of fittings that were shaken loose, they travelled just fine. Clive
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