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  1. 17 hours ago, KeithAug said:

    Impressive work.



    How did you make the wire eyes so small? Do you have very fine nosed pliers or did you use a different method.

    Thanks Keith, I did use a fine nosed plier, bend the brass wire around 0.5mm drill and pressed tight, cut again with a fine side cutter.

    I wish you a happy new year.

  2. On 12/22/2020 at 3:00 AM, BANYAN said:

    Hi Ilhan, that is very nice detail.  Thanks for posting the sequence of photos showing how you you are doing this.  I assume you will be bending the davit arms to a curved arc extending outboard at some stage.


    I am following with interest as I need to do something very similar at scale 1:72  and you are showing what can be achieved.






    That's right Pat.

  3. 11 hours ago, Keith Black said:

    Ilhan. what a wonderful album of photos and your drawings. 

    In foto 39, they look like traditional deadeyes. in your drawings, S01 and S07, you have them drawn as traditional deadeyes. What has made you doubt your original thoughts?

     I ask not as criticism but out of simple curiosity.

    Thank you for posting the Loreley link, I wish you the very best in your continued efforts to realize your dream. 

    Keit, there is no problem of criticising. You are right asking this. From the beginning I did have doubts and I do still have. I've drawn them as deadeyes (with reservation) to finish the drawings. At that time I didn't asked this here at MSW, which I'm doing now. Thanks for your wishes.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Keith Black said:

    Ilhan, the photos of Loreley are a neat look back in time. Other than the plans you created, is your only source of information for the build these photographs you shared? 

    Keith,  all the Information I used is here. (There are pages 1-2 )




  5. 10 minutes ago, druxey said:

    Beautiful work, Ilhan. The model is looking great. As you are so good working in brass, I wonder why you used acrylic for the stern post. Will it be strong enough?

    Thanks Druxey.  No its not, it breaks easily at a strong hit. But I found it easy to let it cut by laser rather than cutting myself a 1 mm thick brass. I can cut brass but I overestimated cutting a big part of 1 mm brass. It's okey when I take care.  Even after a few breaks. 😉

  6. Hey Vince, hello. I would like to ask one more question to you.
    For the outside bearing support of the shaft of the paddle wheel there is only one cross section drawing. On this drawing it's said that there is a hole 15'' Dia. So I assume that this support is box like construction (like prisma) , two triangular side plates and the front is also covered with a plate with a hole in center.
    But in such a case it would be always water at the bottom of the box. Is that plausible or how can this construction be? Do you have any idea ?



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