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  1. Hello alfons ,

    Regarding your first ever model of a "Gloucester Fishing Schooner " , what was the actual name of that particular schooner ? Was it the "Smuggler "



  2. Hello to all , I would like to ask are there any UK members here who might have an unwanted / unused (with all parts and contents) , Model Shipways "Glad Tidings" , they would like to sell at a reasonable price ? With thanks . Mike
  3. Hello Richard , And welcome , I am also from the UK I have also made various models on and off over the years and have recently got myself interested in POB boat modelling and find it not only interesting but also very therapeutic . Mike
  4. Hello all , After several changes of mind as to which model to build after my current build , because of the larger scale and the fact I really admire the various schooner versions , I have decided to go for Model Shipways " Glad Tidings " . I think I am skilled enough and would like to build an all wood version without any paint , using various types of woods for hull and Deck planking and cabins etc . Because I would like the woods to contrast nicely with each other and adding some extra deck furniture and make the effort to make it a hand down for my Grandson , I would like peoples t
  5. Don't know if you actually visit this site much now but absolutely great effort with the Glad Tidings , Been thinking about getting this kit myself and now your build has convinced me to go for it . Cheers from UK
  6. Hello Goop doopis, I am fairly new to wooden model boats, but by what I've learned so far some of the manufacturers especially from Europe don't supply really good instructions, so leaving the new modeler slightly confused and frustrated. Apparently Model Shipways provide good quality kits with understandable instructions. As to how historically accurate they are, you should wait for a member with more experience to tell you. Mike
  7. Yeh that's the one . I actually made contact with the seller and then lost the details somehow , so thanks for thismaaslo
  8. Hello All ,As I live in the UK and as far as I am aware there are no stockists / outlets for Bluejacket products in the UK , I wonder if any members of MSW who either live in the UK or Europe have an unwanted Bluejacket model kit of the "Smuggler" fishing schooner they would be willing to sell at the right price ? If so I would like to hear from you for mutual benefit . The problem with trying to get one from the US is the ridiculous UK customs charges on top . Thanks for any help . Mike
  9. Hello Kurt , after much thinking taking into account my not so good eyesight these days , I have taken your advice to go for Model Shipways "Glad Tidings " kit . I would like to make it into a working model using as much deck furniture as practical . I also want to double plank the hull using 0.5 mm planking to finish off . My intention is to make it a complete wood model (no painting) . I would value your opinion regarding which different woods to use for the Hull , Decking , Trims ,  cabins etc that will complement each other to make a truly class finished kit !!

    Thanks .


    1. kurtvd19



      I would advise you to put this question to the forum as I am a believer in painting the models.  I can stand back and look at and appreciate a great use of different woods like you want to do, but I always paint the models and don't have first hand experience at selecting woods like you want to use on the model.

      I don't mean to pass you off to others, but in this instance I know you will get more informed information from others here on MSW.

      Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the build.

      I do love the pink style of boat and one of my good friends, Bob Filipowski, did the model in the attached photo some time ago and I just love the colors he used on it.


      IMG_3160 - PShop.jpg

      IMG_3174 -PShop.jpg

    2. legend


      Thanks for your reply Kurt and I understand what you say . I  do like Bob Filipowskis model  too , it is different . I don't know if youre familiar with a US website called "Down East Replicas" a guy called Don Carter makes absolutely beautiful large scale replica models of 19th century working and sail boats . He has a model of the Glad Tidings just done in various woods (looks fantastic) .

      All the best .


    3. kurtvd19


      Thanks for telling me about this model.  Horrible web site but great models.  Wish there were more photos of the Pink.


  10. Hello Dee Dee , Absolutely 1st classs build log which will no doubt help me with my build of the GT when I get round to it . Have you not finished the build ? as I would really like to follow it . Thanks Mike
  11. I was under the impression that MK were going to produce a couple of new models for late 2019 , any idea what they may be ??
  12. Hello Nic , Once again I am looking at your very nice Mary Taylor build and for all it seems a quite basic build regarding deck furniture etc , I suppose you could add as much of your own additional items as you wish ! also what is your opinion regarding using wood strips for cabins etc without painting ? My idea when I get round to building a schooner is to leave it all natural wood including the hull just to emphasise the beauty of the wood build . At 20 " in length I think the Mary Taylor would be too small for me so now I have whittled my choice down to three different boat bui
  13. Hello from the UK , I have been looking at jgodseys Mary Taylor tutorial and now yours as I really would like to make my second build a schooner (not sure which one yet) .I asked a question on jgodseys build relating to how difficult it was to cut the excess wood away from a solid hull to get the exact shape needed . Now that I am looking at your build can I ask if the decking is pre-formed with the individual planking printed on or all individual planking strips (if so what wood ?) ? Also did you make the sails yourself or are they supplied . Thanks Mike
  14. Hello from the UK Jim , I am also looking forward to my second build once I finish my AL Marie-Jeanne French tuna fishing boat . I have,nt quite made my mind up between a few different models but really like the idea of a schooner build the same or similar to the "Mary Taylor" (great build tutorial by the way ) . Was just wondering , on a solid build hull , is there much wood to trim or shave off before you get to the exact shape , I think what I,m trying to say is , is it hard difficult work ? Thanks Mike
  15. Hello from UK , if you have any questions just ask on this forum
  16. Hi Sanders, Also from NE England. Welcome
  17. Very authentic looking model, especially the sails Mike (UK)
  18. Hello Frenchguy , I am looking to build the Benjamin Latham soon .When you are masking off with tape to paint the hull , can you tell me what you mean when you said " Burnishing the Tape " before use ? Do you think this is a good choice model for an Intermediate build ? Thank . Mike
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