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  1. Andy,

    I am currently building the Panart San Felipe.  I noticed on your build that you did not use the recommended blue.  Photos of your build look like you have used a black or very dark blue.  Some comments on the forum suggest that the recommended kit blue would not have been available during that period and a more royal blue would have been used.  Did you use black or a dark blue?

  2. I am building the Panart/Mantua 1-75 San Felipe. I have used some wood filler in several places such as cannon holes, etc but now if I use semi-gloss varithane to finish my model, the wood filler and kit wood will look different. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can use to finish my model? Thanks. Everguard (HMS Victory, Cutty Sark, Amerigo Vespucci, Bluenose, San Felipe (current build)
  3. Does anyone have suggestions for an alternate 0.7 x 3mm wood strips to use on a billing 576 bluenose deck? I am helping a friend finish his bluenose but he made a mistake on the deck and I am having a hard time finding replacement strips that don't cost a fortune. Someone mentioned using basswood but I can't find any that size. Help would be appreciated. Ron
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