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  1. Scrubbyj427, Looking really good. I am several days/weeks behind you but working on it. I really appreciate the opportunity to watch you progress (and learn). Jim
  2. With shoulder replacement surgery five weeks behind me, I have returned gradually to the workshop to work on HMS Winchelsea. In the last week, I installed the lower and upper sills of the gunports and framed in the sides of the gunports. The latter process also required cutting out several bulkheads between the upper and lower sills to permit proper placement of the side frames. Finally, this morning I faired the starboard gunports - sills and sides. The first two pictures below show the framed-in gunports. The last two pictures show the starboard side with the gunport sills and frames all faired in line with the bulkheads (this included a bit more sanding than I had anticipated since I needed to make most of the side frames concave in line with the upper bulkheads).
  3. Worldway, For what it is worth, I have found that sanding sticks (I get mine at a beauty salon store, where they are sold for sanding fingernails) in various grades from 100 to 600 work really well on bulkheads. the important thing, as you know, is to frequently check the bulkheads at various heights with a batten to ensure you are getting the right curvature and that the batten is getting maximum contact with the edge of the bulkheads. Good luck and happy sanding!
  4. It may have been a pain getting there, but I would say you have one beautiful model there.
  5. B.E. I want to congratulate you on a really superb build. Just beautiful Jim
  6. I had the same problem of the bulkheads not reading the bearding line, and I noticed in there build log that there was a similar problem. I, too, put in fillers, although not as many as you. the real issue will be to do the fairing well.
  7. Worldway, Glad to see you are back in the saddle on Fair American. I too am on a small sabbatical from FA - partially due to distraction by Syren's Medway longboat, which I just finished and now due to shoulder surgery which has left me with only my right hand for a month or so. I saw you pictures of the stern fillers that you had to carve and sand - tough work. Anyway, since another modeler or two kept telling my stern fillers were not sufficiently faired and needed more sanding, I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of how far down I had to sand my blocks. The blocks in this photo were deemed entirely too rounded for the planks to lie smoothly across the blocks to the transom. Same thing in this one. The next two were almost right - you can see that the bulge of the filler blocks has been almost completely taken away filler Hope this helps. Jim
  8. I finished fairing and installing all the bulkheads on my HMS Winchelsea this week. I also determined where the tops of the lower sills of the gunport line up on the bulkheads. I put in two lowers sills, just to see how it would work and faired them to their adjacent bulkheads. I may do more, but on the other hand this may be the way she goes into mothballs awaiting my return to the workshop in a month or two. Happy Holidays to all.
  9. I got a bit more done on my Winnie - trying to do as much as possible before I have to set her aside for a month or more. You (or at least, I) don't get a good idea of just how big this ship is until you get the bulkhead former assembled, the stem put together and attached and the keel and false keel in place. I got the "bolts" into the keel joints and then sanded and finished the stem and keel assemblies with a couple of coats of Poly Wipe-On. Then I removed all (!) of the bulkheads from the sheets of plywood. After covering the stem and keel assemblies in tape to protect them from scratches, I got the whole thing back into the building slip. I spent a couple of hours fairing the first two forward bulkheads - until my shoulders gave out. Then I glued the first bulkhead in place and glued the bow fillers in place (this involved a lot of sanding, but fortunately, I was able to use my disc sander to minimize exertion. Tomorrow, I hope to fair the bow fillers and continue on the bulkheads moving toward the stern, one at a time. So far, I am quite pleased with my progress, slow though it may be. Cheers.
  10. There is no greater motivation to move along on a model than to face surgery in two weeks that will leave one incapacitated for a month or more. So here is my update on work on my Winnie for today. I got the bulkhead former glued together and shaped the rabbit strip for the bow (not yet glued in place). I also completed the stem knee assembly, tapered it, and glued it all together. That's it for today. Tomorrow will bring new challenges and possibilities! Cheers.
  11. Matt D. Actually I still have not completed Fair American - I have quite a bit of rigging I need to complete. I just completed the Syren Medway Longboat, and now I have decided to start on the Winnie. The building slip is by Hobbies in England. Here is the information on the company: Hobbies Ltd, Units 8b-11, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, NR14 6NU, United Kingdom dan@alwayshobbies.com | 01508 549330 | www.alwayshobbies.com Jim
  12. Thanks, Chuck - It looks like it will be a challenging and fun model to work on. Hope you are enjoying New Orleans! Jim

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