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  1. First of all, I respect the work done. I am aware that great effort has been made. There are a lot of people using the site. So there are different demands as much as the number of people using the site. It's hard to please everyone. I did not say that the work done is useless in any case, I stated that it would not be preferred under some conditions. I meant that the old version was more useful for who had little time and could not browse the site for a long time. Let people go to which doctor they want to go to. They can find the solution at the specialist doctor, or, in a simpler case, at the general practitioner. Such innovations are neither entirely good nor entirely bad. Nothing is perfect. The good side can also be in the foreground. Man can adapt to innovations, especially to such differences. I only questioned the old and new version's availability at the same time. In this way, I thought that perfection could be approached. This is not going backwards either. Not everything that is old is bad. Conclusion, I will only visit the site less. I will not say another word about this issue.
  2. The problem is already there. Everyone may not have much time. I would describe this not as laziness, but as an effort to see a lot of content in a limited time. I am not retired and I am actively working. Maybe you may want the site to be visited more, clicked more, but I do not agree to describe those who do not want to do this as lazy. In this version, I do not think that except the persistent users, others will visit each era patiently. If we were going to talk about a little bit of effort, in the old version, people could make a little effort and look at the 5th page. How can you convince the person who does not want to try to enter the 5th page in the old version to enter each era now? Why would a person look at a page in which there is not any new action (old version)? I click the first era, there is not any new action then I leave it, I click the second one, no update, I leave it, I click the 3th, I find an update, then the fourth, no update... I pass to the scratch section... same activity... To click the follow button does not solve the problem. I want also see the new builds of the new and old members at a first look without digging all eras... These are only my thoughts and I just said that I think it would be good to use both versions on the site. But the site is yours, it is your right to do whatever you want. Kind Regards.
  3. As far as I can see, the section you have expressed is different from the old version. There are not only the topics of the kit or scratch section, there are also topics of other categories (glueing e.g.).
  4. Hi, In my opinion; In the old version, I had the opportunity to see ships from more than one period. In this way, I could also see the new constructions. When I scan 2-3 pages, I was able to follow the latest updates. In this new version, I have to enter each period separately. I needlessly enter a section where there is no update. This disrupts the concentration. It requires more effort to navigate the site. If you do not go to the site every day and do not stay for a long time, I do not think this version is useful. It is difficult to find and evaluate certain constructions you follow, if they belong to separate periods. Exit one period, enter another period, then come out again, enter another period... The purpose of this version is different than the old one... Periods were considered important. In the old version, all constructions were considered important. The group addressed by the new version are professional builders. It's like a specialist medical doctor... The doctor who deals with liver surgery is different, the doctor who deals with the stomach is different. And a general practitioner who looks at every issue. Wouldn't it be better to make both versions available? (So you can also identify which version is clicked more.)
  5. Hi Popeye, Incredible... I take a break, then I see a new and beautiful ship when I re-enter the site ... Your productivity is unbelievable... Fine work as always...
  6. Hi, Thank you for the nice comment. For the frame, I used the strips that I cut from a credit or similar card. I don't know from which material the credit card is made, I just used it because it was easily accessible. The thickness is ideal and uniform. It takes shape very easily in hot air with hair dryer and keeps its shape when cooled. I provided the semicircular form by wrapping it around a pencil and giving it hot air then waiting for it to cool. I made decorations by glued some small pieces. Very strong when glued with CA... Then I painted the whole frame in gold with spray and aged it with some touches with black watercolor paint. I finished with glossy polish... For the windows glass, the glossy black thin plastic material inside a CD case was used. It was as if it was dark inside and it wasn't visible from the outside, I just wanted the effect that there was a glare in the glass. Then I glued the CD case plastic to the frame and sanded the outer parts... And some touches with gold to the sides because of the plastic was visible in black... I used those materials because I had not any idea how to find the appropriate material, they were under my hand... The inside part of the CD case is mat at the attached photo, I had used the glossy one
  7. Hi, Nowadays I work on lantern. I want to learn how the lanterns had been illuminated in 1600's... Candles or oil lamps or... ?
  8. Thank you for your comments and "likes"... Finally, the process of fixing the blocks to the yards is over. It's now on the queue sewing sails... No stage is easy...
  9. Thank you very much for all this information, guiding illustrations and your interest...
  10. Thank you Allan and popeye2sea, I am referring to the Frigate Berlin 1674. I thought that to fix a yard to a mast that holds a sail inflated by a strong wind to drive a heavy ship at sea is case important. Is its halyard enough to do this? Will I make a mistake if I add parrels to topsails yards? Or have I to follow the kit plan...
  11. Hi, Please let me know which yards have to be fitted to the masts by parrels... At my kit plan only main, fore, lateen and spritsail yards have parrels... There aren't any parrels on topsail, topgallant and bowsprit yards... I want to know if the kit plan is accurate... Thank you...
  12. Hi Michael, It had been written as size, 10 mm and 6 mm. Do those sizes belong to parrel beads or spacers? I need this info because I am looking for them of 2 mm of diameter. And are they wooden spacers? Thank you...
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