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  1. Hi, Buck, Many thanks for a congratulation and comment! Best regards, Vitalii
  2. Dear colleagues, many thanks for congratulations, is very pleasant to me your attention! Best regards,
  3. Thanks a lot for congratulations! Photos Montanes are here http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/82-montanes-by-garward-occre/ Best regards,
  4. During September 26-28, 2014 I passed the Cup of Kiev on class C models (on Naviga classification). The gun also was presented at these competitions and received the gold medal, the second place in the class C3-D and the Cup of Kiev. The cup for a gun is less (gold, but the second place), a cup for Montanes is more (silver, but the first place)
  5. During September 26-28, 2014 in Kiev the All-Ukrainian competitions "Cup of Kiev — 2014" in bench models of a class C were held (on classification of Naviga). Except the classes C1 - C7 (on the classification of Naviga existing now) held the second year competitions in the class C8 "Models from kits ". The class C8 consists of three subclasses: C-8-1 – sailing vessels and similar to them, without the main mechanical engine; C-8-2 – vessels with the mechanical engine; C-8-3 – models of ship installations or parts of the ship, stages of construction of models. The Montanes model participated in these competitions and received the first place in the class C8-3, a silver medal (gold in this class nobody was awarded) and the Cup of Kiev.
  6. Photo of World Championship-2014 in Bulgaria: Here and subsequent pages http://forum.modelsworld.ru/topic12028start270.htmll
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