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  1. Due to another card build taking place here, I pulled all this back out and am finishing the glue up of the frame. Hope to have a few photos up by the weekend with some advancement in the build. Rick
  2. I have been building in card for some years and have a vast collection of kits. Shipyard and HMV are my fav's not counting GMP. I have also ordered numerous times from GMP and have never had a issue one with them. Sometimes it seems like 2 wks and you have and then again it might take 4 weeks, You just have to be patient when ordering. I try to make mine pretty large when ordering to keep the shipping down per month. I like the paint that comes w/Shipyard kits, it is a water base gauche paint. This translates into a medium that one can layer to get many variations of the color and effects. However, it is not a easy paint to use and takes a bit of practice to get down. Looks to me, you have mastered it well. One of the down sides is this is a water base paint and water and card are not friendly. Here is a tip I learned from modelers from Poland, clear base then paint. I use good ole model airplane dope for this. Another way is Future Floor Polish. Once all is dry and ready, you will find you are not plagued with raised or swelled card. Hope this has helped. I also seal all my paint w/sealer from Hobby Lobby. The stuff that protects your paint job from UV that artistes' use to protect the paintings from sunlight. Look forward to more of your build. You fired me up to get out a project I started some time ago..........Santa Maria, Shipyard, all laser cut kit.
  3. Impressive, very. I built this many years ago and it never occurred to gild all the gold areas. Looks great and look forward to more. Rick
  4. I believe period construction for these wood deck vessels mandated that the deck would later be scraped resulting in cleaner lines. But I might be wrong. Like how your turned out. The Lego trick is a cool idea many here have copied.
  5. I am really enjoying your build. I am a huge Vic fan and I am also drawn too Billing Boats kits. At present am trying to fix a very bad warped keel to Billing Boats Santa Maria. Will be watching. Rick
  6. I am watching with baited breath. Looking forward to more of your build. I am again working on the hull of the Royal Sun. Rick
  7. I have looked @ this kit many times and I must admit, you are for sure bringing all you can out of it. Looking forward to more. Rick
  8. I agree, it did help to see her finished after what the beast cost. I did @ a latter date aquire another Victory but this time a Corel Kit. A retirement project down the road. But in the mean time, I shall enjoy yours. Cheers Rick A Scott Cousin in the US
  9. Enjoying your log, I was building this same kit several years ago and had got to the point of planking when a fall from the build desk caused concederable damage and I just put it away. I would later sell and I believe the fella went on with damage and all and pretty much finished her. Looking forward to more of your mojo. The deck work is most excellent. Rick
  10. Looking forward to your build of this most wonderful vessel. I am also interested in how you approach and build a Billing Boats Kit. I have a kit from 1984 of the Santa Maria w/o fittings kit, but that is no big deal, I can make and use after market items for what I do not have. Will watch w/interest. Rick
  11. I have one of these tucked away for when I retire, but you sure have done a great job on a working boat of the Chesapeake. I really like what you did w/dredges, these can and are not that easy to make, but you made it look easy. Great job. Rick
  12. Admiral Sjors.........love it Yes, I have returned to building those confounded ships again.......oh wait, thats the theme of this here Forum. Anyway, sold our house, down sized to a apartment until we retire to the coast of NC.......7 more years it looks like. So space is @ a premium, and boy have you built a monster, but it sure is pretty, but not as much as Anja.......... hello Anja. Anyway, I do have a little build log going right now........a Shipyard Santa Maria, a 1/72 scale all laser cut card kit. So look me up and if you have any advice to give your poor lowly seaman, by all means do so my friend. Rick
  13. Brought back when I was trying my hand @ my 1st Victory, mine never made it to the finish, but yours sure did and what a finish my friend. I will say it looks to me the finest HMS Victory I have seen built period..........job well done Admiral. My hat off to you sir. Rick
  14. Look @ you, and a Admiral too..........I had to start over, lost all my stuff? Great to see you still build ole buddy, and yes, I had some popcorn while I read thru your thread. Rick

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