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  1. I envy your skills taking on that model. Never having made anything before (does toast count) it looks very intimidating. I look forward to watching the progress. Jazzchip
  2. That's the kind of stuff that scares the hell out of me too. I fear that I'll be scratching my head with my wrist if I ever start working with power saws. Thanks for the good advice, Crowe. I hope this gets a few more people looking at ways to work safer. Jazzchip
  3. I've known many guys who wouldn't wear ear protection or gloves as a sign of being macho. We're not the smartest of genders sometimes.
  4. I found the writer's full name. It is William Hammond. There is also a interesting website, Historical Naval Fiction, that I just found and haven't had time to explore that could be valuable to those of us who enjoy reading these books.
  5. Thanks Canute. I haven't read Stockwin but I plan to and like you I have enjoyed the others you mention. There's one other whose last name is Hammond. I read one of his and enjoyed it very much. If I find his first name and the series he wrote, I'll pass it on. Jazzchip
  6. Shiloh, that's a wonderful suggestion. I'll bet many of the people who read your reply are going to follow your advice. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, mischief. Being a rookie, this is all new to me. So many people favor the panavise that I felt comfortable with the decision. You all were a big help in making the choice.
  8. Bob, Thank you, I'm not familiar with Zyliss. I appreciate the input. Jazzchip
  9. Erik, Thanks. I just read about Stockwin this week. Amazon ratings for his books are quite good. Thanks for the suggestion. Jazzchip
  10. Thank you, badger. I am not familiar with Seth Hunters. I knew I'd learn about new writers if I asked this question. Jazzchip
  11. your two cents is quite valuable. Lots of folks think that O'Brian invented nautical fiction. He's on everyone's top 10 list. Thanks avsjerome.
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