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    Researching 1860s US steam navy ships. Learning to draw ship plans, including steam engines, using SolidWorks, and do 3D printing.

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  1. Three years ago, the Smithsonian began a pilot project to do 3D scans of sample portions of its massive collection. Ship models were not on the list, but the actual relic 1776 gondola Philadelphia was. In late 2016, I got backroom access at the SI to 3D scan the 5-foot half hull model of an 1865 steamer. That was after a two-year effort. Most of that delay was due to the model being "lost". After I appealed to the office of the senior senator of California, SI staff located the model within a week. They were very cordial and even arranged parking on the Mall for the several hours it took to
  2. I found write-ups on both ships in the attached sources. If you do not have those several pages, contact me by email at craigecrouch@gmail.com; I cannot post them here because of copyright.
  3. This project has been on hold for the past 14 months, while I was caught up in a family housing project. I have hopes of resuming training on and use of Meshmixer very soon.
  4. So sorry to take six months to get back to this, but I missed it while I was on my 70-day road tour of maritime museums and Civil war battlefields. (Along the way I demonstrated the scanner set, in addition to Portsmouth (NH) Athenaeum, to model shops at Annapolis, the USN Carderock lab, the Smithsonian, Mystic Seaport, and Philadelphia's Independence Seaport Museum. I also viewed the half-hull and model collections at those museums and at MIT.) To answer your question, I tried mounting the scanner on a tripod dolly back in 2014 at Mare island Museum. It did not give better resul
  5. I have been asked to recommend a general work on ship models and their history, and it stopped me cold. Now, you'd think that there are general books on every subject, but most on ship models are either: 1) technical builder's guides, or 2) photo-rich treatments of museum collections. I'm asking you all for recommendations for my friend, by posting the question "Best general book on ship models?" on this forum. I hope to have a vetted short list in several days. For now, I suggested he spend under $5 (including shipping) for a paperback edition of: Historic Ship Models (Paperbac
  6. To help the scanner maintain tracking when scanning a large smooth surface (a half-hull over three feet, for example), I distribute little traffic cones at 1- to 2-foot intervals around the target object. If you lose tracking and imperfectly regain it, the active color image will show double cone tops -- you need to redo that scan.
  7. When taking 3D scans, I have found a free online viewer (http://www.viewstl.com/) to provide a quick and easily manipulated rendering of the stl-format scan file. You must have an active internet connection to use this viewer.
  8. BACKGROUND I became interested in scanning half-hull models as an aside from my research on a particular ship, SS Meteor (1864). I have a long-standing interest in the fast screw cruisers of the 1860s, including the Delano/Isherwood and Lenthall/Isherwood designs, and the privately-designed competitors: the USS Idaho by Steers/Dickerson, and Dennison Lawlor's SS Meteor. My interest also extends to British and French commerce-raiding and pursuit cruisers of that era: HMS Inconstant and related classes, and the four French-built Confederate raiders that became BAP América, BAP Unión, SMS Au
  9. Is everyone is already aware of the required Ericsson retrofit?: A "smokebox" was fitted to the muzzle of the 15-inch gun in each Passaic-class turret, to allow fire through the undersized port. The 11-inch Dahlgren (retained as in the original design) had no problem when the blast of the bigger smoothbore was contained.
  10. I am new to the forum and went through this whole posting at once. I am amazed! I am hoping to learn to do similar 3D modeling using SolidWorks but my ships would be 1860s steamers. Yours is a really astounding effort!
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