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  1. Chuck: what about sanding string to pull thru some places ?? http://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Sanding_and_Polishing/Sandpaper_and_Finishing_Papers/Mitchell_Abrasive_Cord.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=2017-01-gp&gclid=Cj0KEQiAnb3DBRCX2ZnSnMyO9dIBEiQAOcXYH6UtAhN31QSxhukgIw3gNpIzoga6kA2-QQd2JNWw1wMaAjZX8P8HAQ
  2. Hello Folks, I am back .... been quite a while, chnaging jobs, buying a house and moving, i think in a few weeks i will finally be back on track with my ship making !!!
  3. Hello Folks, I am back .... been quite a while, chnaging jobs, buying a house and moving, i think in a few weeks i will finally be back on track with my ship making !!!
  4. LOL, a *LOT* of documentation for kit models and many other things - like some computer stuff gets really bad docs. they hire out the transaltions and they will often have many small errors depending on what the first language was and how it is re-translated by different people who may not be really qualified to do that job. if you really want to get it right just view the doc as a general guide, honestly i think you need to build at least two or three ships before you start to really understand them and then you will need more from the blueprints than from any manual.
  5. sounds like translation here... if the clump was created/named in 1840 even giving a couple of years it's way past the Bounty as that is 1780's many years to early for the term to be right. .
  6. Interesting to hear that my hunch was right, they sell it has 2500 but have no way to test it for that ? sounds like I will not buy from them. if you have that data in writing I would ask them to send you some money. they advertised / packaged the device with a claim that they could not test and failed to back up. regardless of where you bought it they sold a defective device that they manufacture and you proved the defect in a very reasonable time. did you get the info in writing ? get it! amazon or your CC company should get you the purchase cost at the least. yeah it's not a lot but the point is they are full of bs and I would advise amazon of the false claim they make and they should pull the product.
  7. with mdf other than the chemicals off gassing I do wonder how it will last over a long time. when the computer and music industry first came out with the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM it was thought that they would last forever as long as the disk did not melt or break. we now know that some disks can go bad in a few years depending on the material they are made from. so will MDF last for say 50 or 100 years ?
  8. Badger: we learn by making mistakes, heck I have soooo many of them in every build I work on it's nuts. by posting a bunch of pictures we can see what you have and get a better idea of how to fix it. I have one build I totally am starting over even though I had the hull built! I saw to many problems and got a second kit, all the un-used wood from the first one just gives me more spare wood! the only foolish question is the one we do not ask.
  9. Low price for a tool that needs to be well made == you get what you pay for.
  10. Just wanted to say that part of what I wrote before did not really come out right. two thoughts were competing when I was writing before: document history and changes on one hand and making the right updates / repairs and while I did not mean "put in repairs that do not match the old parts" that was kind of how it came out. just the idea that there should be a way for someone years later to work out from records / logs etc... what was done and when it was done and why it was done. so that we have a history to follow. I hope that clears up my prior confusing post.
  11. I would not try to match the color of new to old, rather I would document the repairs you make and keep that with the ship. that way if later someone else has to take a look at the ship for any reason they will know who did what and when. too much of a "cover up" of the fixes could lead to confusion about the age and history of the model. make it look good but also track the history. some well known models that we copy today had fixes with no clear history so we have to guess at what happened and is the current rigging or other details a result of the fix or is it from the original model.
  12. I have been getting blocks from Syrenmodelshipcompany.com for upcoming work to replace the stuff I get from Modelshipways. As I am finishing my current build I saw that the last MS blocks I had for that build in the size I need are really badly made and I started to borrow a few from my stock of good ones. WATCH OUT! what I have from MS that is supposed to be 1/8 th of an inch is really 3/16ths of an inch I do not know if this is just one batch or if this happens with multiple sizes but I can now see for sure that while chuck's blocks are the size he says others may not be!
  13. before I would worry about the material to build from I would do research on the ship, getting a copy of the plans and what did it look like when he was on it. the "as built" plans may not show the same ship he was on depending on what the ship line updated on the ship. for example opening a deck and adding a pool. also if you can not get the exact plans you may get plans for the "type" they may have built say 5 or 10 that are 99% the same. and how large of a model are you willing to make / how large does he want ? that will also impact what material to use. when you know more details of the size and how it looked then that should guide you on using wood / plastic / metal etc....
  14. Heh, yea getting the right look for water is a real PIA , when the crysys engine first came out if you turned up the settings on almost any system it turned the game into a slide-show !! we have come a lonnnng way from the early games like Wolf-3d and DooM. back in the day I had 3 video cards in a pc two of them only did 3d and only had 12 megs of ram total. that was before PCI Express and the GPU cards came out.

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