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  1. Well that’s the main deck planked apart from the edges waiting for a table saw to do the curved pieces. Not sure why a couple of planks appear darker after applying Danish oil, never mind it’ll be covered by the quarter deck if another coat of oil doesn’t reduce contrast. Next up two additional gun ports towards the bow and holes for the oars
  2. Yes this worked a treat, 1 to 1 PVA water then added dust to make a sticky mix. thx everybody
  3. Ah interesting. I have always used white glue it appears to be the default in the UK. When I mix the wood dust with neat PVA it initially matches the wood then darkens significantly as it dries. The final finish Danish or wipe on poly makes no difference to the mismatch between the wood and the filler. Off to the shed to try a 1:1 mix plus water.
  4. I know it’s a very well known technique to fill gaps, cracks with a filler which matches the wood, but when I mix PVA with a wood dust say lime , cherry or beech the mix always dries darker than the original wood dust. The only time the filler is a matching colour is when there’s hardly any PVA there and the mix is too crumbly to be much use. My friend in my wood working group has the same problem. Tried different UK manufacturer’s but to no avail. Any suggestions please?
  5. The OCD in me noticed a plank right in the middle was not quite right. None will be visible when the grating is in place but it was dead centre. A trick I learned earlier was it’s easy to remove a plank by slicing down the middle with a scapel and levering off the rest without damaging neighbours and putting in new plank. Might be of interest for newbies. Getting the 3 plank butt shift pattern so easy using the NRG guide.
  6. Took a while to get the false decks cut to fit and then lots of deliberations on the width of deck planking. Finally settled on 6mm which at 1/32 is 7 “ plus. Looks about right, needed to cut down the 8mm maple to 6mm wide by hand.
  7. A Time for Everything - Jethro Tull from Benefit (1970)
  8. It was just the first time I logged in with my mini iPad never seen it again so no problem.
  9. Always felt, planking a deck is a bit like mowing a lawn, easy, but very satisfying. Nice work on your decks and for the rest of the build it’s really come to fruition after your earlier struggles.
  10. Life can’t be bad as a dockyard pest controller, 4 years ago and now.
  11. Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band from Book of Dreams. Blatant recycle of the Crossroads riff but then he had previous.
  12. Amilio, I think you’ve started showing off making these double spindles😜
  13. Down Under - Men at Work from Cargo I think
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