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  1. Hiya David, I think part of your confusion is that your Yacht Endeavour is certainly not bluff bowed. Capt Cooke’s Endeavour has a typical blunt bow which is amongst the hardest of hull types to plank well. Many build logs showing planking are on this site,
  2. Just spotted your Fantastic account of your adventures in Patagonia, brings back memories of my visit in 2007 and more recently in 2018. Saw the Nao Victoria from a distance but had to rush to catch a coach to Peurto Natales for a Torres del Paine trip.
  3. Should have spelt made maid
  4. The architect who had his house made backwards so he could watch TV
  5. Who would have thought a simple bread and butter build would have lead to such a fantastic build.
  6. Probably my last posting for a month as back to planking the hull. Finish port side below wales all of starboard below wales then stern area both sides above wales. Just first planking layer as well! This will be a long build but pleased that everything seems do-able, will meet the challenge of the stern carvings much later.
  7. The chemist who froze himself to -273.15 centigrade, folks said he was crazy, but he said he was 0K
  8. Latest update, decided to add some pear wood ribs to aid planking and to ultimately remove plywood bulkheads so it will look better I hope in the future! Really wanted to check this change of tack will work so put lower hull planking on hold. Using the plywood sides, if I plank them with 1mm thick strips will be flush with 2mm thick planks already in place. All plywood bulkheads on stern half of ship replaced with pear.
  9. Thanks Louie/ skerryAmp for the likes, scratch building certainly has its challenges bit of an understatement from my point of view. Just plodding on with the first layer of planking allowing me to think ahead. Looking for advice, a ship of this size ~ 50 ft, would the bulwarks be left open showing the top of the futtocks or would they be planked on the inside. If the former, might have to add some frames and consider removing the ply bulkheads just as Backer did in his Pelican. If they were boxed in life would be easier.
  10. Hiya Backer, I guess you use a scroll saw for the mast tops which one, great work by the way love the wood staining to give the weathered look.
  11. You wear it well - Rod Stewart and the Faces
  12. King of the World - Steely Dan Countdown to Ecstasy
  13. State of play , planking below the wales, planking one the most satisfying tasks for me. Split the lower hull into 4 zones and tapering bow end of planks. Just about finished 1st zone, quite a sharp bow so not too difficult.
  14. Take the Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
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