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  1. It was just the first time I logged in with my mini iPad never seen it again so no problem.
  2. Always felt, planking a deck is a bit like mowing a lawn, easy, but very satisfying. Nice work on your decks.
  3. Life can’t be bad as a dockyard pest controller, 4 years ago and now.
  4. Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band from Book of Dreams. Blatant recycle of the Crossroads riff but then he had previous.
  5. Amilio, I think you’ve started showing off making these double spindles😜
  6. Down Under - Men at Work from Cargo I think
  7. Nirvana, No I didn’t thought it would be way too small although noted the instructions mentioned amongst the deleted parts a firewall for a petrol ? engine. On the Guillow’s builders forum there’s a link to You Tube video showing this kit being flown under rubber power going way up in the air, very impressive.
  8. I received a Guillow’s 500 series Hurricane today, 1/32 scale wingspan 16” . See what I can do with it. Balsa incredibly fragile. Quite quaint a throw back to a simpler age me thinks, these stick and tissue kits. See if I can cover it with wood sheeting and latex filler as per Tim Moore’s Spitfire. 5
  9. Slowhand


    There must be a mirror image of our cat somewhere, so there’ll be a racemic mix of Bandit cats. Sorry to all the non chemists.
  10. Finished port side of hull, first planking layer. Bow planks have sharp corners, not sure if this is realistic, mind there is some sort of a precedent. The Hamble Star my first dinghy at an old club, sailed like a brick, second down. Portsmouth yardstick of about 15000.
  11. Tim, I think you will start a whole new way of building Guillows airplanes. I’d best buy one before they sell out. When I last looked they had sold out of Spits, plenty of Hurri’s though.
  12. Hi Tim, forgot to ask did you use a table saw to cut the balsa infills, a Byrne’s by any chance?
  13. Well you’ll have a ready supply of Mercury if you need it. edited It was the T1000 of Gary Sinise not this one better terminate myself.
  14. What a fantastic build, always thought the silverskin and dope covering of Guillows suited the WWI planes best as well that’s closer to the originals. Your idea of in filling with balsa and using wood sheets works perfectly for WWII planes. I think you’ll start a trend.
  15. Cutting the gun ports was where it could all go wrong and have a lot of remedial work and relegated to that other model ship forum. Made some sanding sticks to shape them after drilling 4 holes into the hull , then belated remembered I had a square metal file which was far better at getting sharp corners. Better in the flesh than on film so happy, mind it was hard to get the ports as I wanted them. Pinned on some flexible beech as temporary wales to give reference points on what’s quite a large hull.
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