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  1. Boris the Spider - The Who
  2. Everything glued together and rough sanding done using my sanding pad /grinder. Can’t risk doing anymore using this tool so it’s slow and careful by hand now.
  3. My, My, Hey, Hey or Hey, Hey , My, My by Mr Young - songs about Elvis and Johnny Rotten.
  4. Some very interesting info. I’ve never seen such a detailed discussion of the risks from An infected persons breath. It’s a relief that breathe contains so few particles of virus from an infected person that transmission might be highly unlikely. Virus particles by themselves are so small as to be considered airborne and would never settle out of the air in the same way that ammonium nitrate and sulphate particles can be prevalent in the air of many urban and rural locations in the UK.
  5. Thanks Tony, the hardest part of cutting the bulkheads was getting the slots which fit into the false keel perpendicular, had to redo one bulkhead. Bandsaw blade had a tendency to wander. Because of the length of the hull and relatively few bulkheads decided to infill the spaces with blocks to give strength and stop the keel warping. Pine 6 x 4“ left over from a raised garden bed cut into lengths with a bow saw then shaped with the bandsaw. Everything’s just loose at this stage. Cut out the stem to replace with some nice wood. Any similarity with Backer’s wonderful build of the Golden Hind merely coincidental.
  6. First steps scaling up the plans before copying across onto the plywood. No expense spared here mind, this 5mm 3 ply from B&Q a few months ago cost all of £ 3/4. Did a dummy run with a coping saw but as it happened got much better results with my Scheppach bandsaw which I finally seemed to have mastered. The dummy keel was laid on the 11th May. The mouse police looked typically distainful.
  7. I finally decided to start my first scratch build project after lots and lots of deliberation, I didn’t want something too complex/ ambitious so the starting point was the Amati plans of a kit which is quite small hence the scaling up from 1:50 to 1:25. The Polacca was used by Venetian Fleet to protect the shipping routes of Venice from the Dalmatian, Greek and Turkish Pirates. That lateen sail at the front must have been useful for sailing to windward and perhaps downwind as a primitive gennaker or spinnaker! Expect I’ve a lot to learn but guess I’ll have plenty of time with this Corona virus thing. My version will be over 24” not including the bowsprit so the original would be about 50’ which looks about right. Intend to open up the rear cabin for lights and put a lower deck midships partly visible through the grating.
  8. Mama Tried - Merle Haggard
  9. Wheels of Confusion , Black Sabbath Vol 4 , half the first side IIRC
  10. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me - Jethro Tull from ages ago
  11. Had hoped to get down to my local Axminster store to try out couple of Proxxon scroll saws and in house models with a few samples I’d prepared. Not to be as the CV lock down came into force. Fret saw and coping saw and blades which I’d ordered a week ago arrived today to keep me sane. Thankfully online ordering is OK. Started practicing, so glad I got some experience with a fret saw before jumping in to buy a scroll saw. The love spoon I started on will be a present for the Rear Admiral and useful practice before starting on the next build
  12. Hi this is an interesting model never come across a build of the Portsmouth. Progressing well.
  13. Song for Jeffrey - Jethro Tull from their very first album, This Was, 52 years ago
  14. All the yards added with some of the upper rigging. Not going to do all the rigging as I’am still in a mind to redo the ratlines and need access, although at 1:90 scale not sure how much better I would get them. As they say a man has to know his limitations.
  15. Man on the silver mountain - Richie Blackmore's Rainbow
  16. I’ve seen some of these aviation models on You Tube especially by Rojas Bazan it’s hard to decide if they’re actual aircraft or models they’re that good. I‘Ve always wondered what he uses to glue the pieces together.
  17. Hi Afonso, just spotted this thread. Have to say I wouldn’t choose the Occre San Martin again, simply because of the lack of historical accuracy and I do like galleons with stacked up forecastles and sterns. I spent quite a lot on stub cannons, a wooden ships boat, more realistic cannons for the deck and extra timber all mentioned in the log. To be fair to Occre it is a budget model and you get what you pay for. With hindsight would have chosen the San Marcos as it looks more like a 16th galleon based on the paintings of Armada vessels I’ve seen. My next model will be semi scratch at a larger scale once I’ve finished the San Martin hopefully this winter and more historically accurate. Hope this helps.
  18. In the heat of the night - Bryan Adams
  19. This is a picture of my cat Bandit. She’s saying please let me tie another ratline for you.
  20. Party on the Patio - ZZ Top from El Loco
  21. No more Mr Nice Guy - Alice Cooper ( greatest hits or Billion Dollar Babies)
  22. I loved the song Valparaiso by Sting in White Squall - a sad ending. One day I am going to sail in a tall ship out at sea. Problem is I get sea sick on a cross channel ferry
  23. Didn’t it used to be called duck egg grey or blue always thought it was a funny name
  24. Tangled up in Blue - Jerry Garcia Band or Bob Dylan

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