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  1. Yes, at some point this will be a complete build! Finished the fairing below the waterline and then moved to staining and painting. Also added the transom to the stern. Since I had removed some of the stern frames they had to be trimmed and reset. upon review I set them out of order and will have to adjust before adding a stern rail. prepainted plack planking was added at the waterline.
  2. kpnuts, Your bike is going to be a real work of art when you finish and watching the build is great! Back in my youth in the '60s I remember all the bikes but all I could afford was a bicycle...single speed Sears and Roebucks special earned from a paper route. I did build a 1/8 scale of a Triumph but do not remember the brand. your posts have inspired me to try and find another cool bike build. I am familiar with Tamiya from their military models so will start there..... Jim
  3. Somehow I succeeded in deleting my previous post.....Oh well... Once I had built the (now deleted) plank bender and started the planking process, I discovered a long lost tool I had acquired years ago from Amati.....a plank bender! Then the planking began with with my not being able to find the right size planking for the wales......so I just used the 1/8" planks. My next change was to not do the sweep ports...I do still have the templates so can add them later but it seems my nerves were not up to the accurate trimming required. After completing the port side, I'm going to
  4. Yep......paint and wood filler...and excess wood from previous projects....... I cobbled up my effort for the stern ports and did a bit more fairing. Still have a lot of sanding on the on the gun deck and quarterdeck. Which will take me to planking the hull above the wales....
  5. Hi Bossman,........Found your log and will be watching.......you are a superior modeler and it's great to see what is ahead from your posts and photos and how you've handled things!
  6. Thanks, Bossman! It's been quite a while since I've done a wooden ship and even longer for planking. I do appreciate the encouragement! And there will be some mistakes.... Thanks! Jim
  7. So I did some preliminary fairing and then proceeded to set up and mark the sweep ports using the templates. Then I ventured to a place I have been avoiding.....the stern! When I first set up the framing and then used the template for the windows, the gentle sweep left me with a concave stern. My installation of the stern frames seemed right but I didn't pay attention to the concavity and installed the sills and lintels. My new plan is to rebuild the stern using the removed parts and adding whatever bracing is necessary. I'm going to use the laser cut tra
  8. Hance pieces have been added. Sweep port frames have been added. The next step will be cutting out the templates for the sweep port frames.... Will do some fairing and then perhaps tackle some of the stern work I've been avoiding......adjusting and aligning the window sills and adding the stern ports on the lower counter.... This is a very important area and I'm afraid I did not get the stern frames set right so may be doing a bit of deconstructing.....
  9. Thanks for looking in, Yves! So another day, another stick or two. I am just about to the major fairing project....and am not quite sure of the process I'll use. Got power tools and all kinds of manual wood removal stuff.......I guess different areas will require different methods. After setting up the templates for the gun port sides for both the gun deck and quarterdeck, I spent this morning on installation of the sides. Chuck did an excellent job on the pieces and the jigs for the sills and lintels as there was minimal trim and adjustment. G
  10. Seems like all the shots look the same but there is progress...... Placed toprails and the finished the quarterdeck gun port side installations. Will trim out the framing tomorrow. Set up for marking the gun deck port sides and prepped most of the pieces. Also made my first balsa insert for the bow. Will finish it when the fairing begins in earnest. I did spend yesterday sanding all the sills and lintels smooth for planking. Just a side note to see who's out there. I can remember when one would be posting to a build log and could almost always find their log on th
  11. Great engine work, Grant! I will confess at this point that the rod/piston/cylinder parts for my 540K were so badly formed I opted to build the engine without some of the internals.... At the time, I was going to be the only one to know that. Since you've done such a fantastic job I felt obligated to recognize your excellence and my lack of patience/skill to accomplish what you have. Fantastic job!
  12. Gun Deck sills and lintels completed.......now on to the quarterdeck. I do have a bit of cleaning up to do on the beakhead bulkhead planking.....doorways are not finished.....going to do more up shooting to see what I miss since most of the time one is looking down at a project..... And then on to adding balsa support for planking and fairing
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