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  1. Ik gebruik Birchwood Casey Brass Black om messing te zwarten. Ook gebruikt door wapensmeden. Keep on modelling ... Marc
  2. Hi riggers, Did someone tried this already ? I have the idea of putting furled sails on all the spars, staysails and jibs. And this on a 1/48 the scale model. Can I get advice on how to do it and kind of materials. I was thinking about using silk paper. I would be grateful for all the input of the local experts. Thanks in advance Marc
  3. Hi riggers, Did someone tried this already ? I have the idea of constructing and assembling the masts and spars off-site. I mean: putting the shrouds over the mastheads, but let them hang loose. Putting the assembled spars with furled sails onto the masts, etc. And then, later on, installing the completely assembled masts on the ship, tensioning the shrouds, etc It would be much easier to handle all those bits and pieces. I would be grateful for all the input of the local experts.
  4. Hi John, This is the company for the rigging blocks: http://clasicmodel.com/shop/index.php?route=common/home
  5. Hi, There is also a Swiss company selling very nice blocks. But why not making them yourself ?
  6. Hi, Thanks. For the moment, I I'm using Chrome. Does someone has any suggestions and/or how-to's. Plugins etc. Of course, first thing to do: ask permission ! Thanks in advance,
  7. Hi guys, As already a few members suggested: Is it possible to save a specific build log into 1 pdf-file, with pictures included ? Now, with the site upgrade, this could be a very nice feature. Perhaps, with a switch for the log owner to allow for this and give permission to do so. Thanks in advance,
  8. Hi guys, I'm using Egyptian gassed cotton 185/2 as serving thread. I think it's OK for my 1/48 build.
  9. Hi, I'm using Egyptian cotton 185/2 as the serving line. It's the thinnest I could find in Europe.
  10. Hi Gaetan, Can I vote for the model with masting and rigging included ?
  11. Hi Gaetan, Fabulous work. I'm looking forward to your next project. Why not the 118 guns Le Commerce de Marseille ?
  12. Hi Dan, Do you have any close-up, macro pictures of the sails of your Boston build ? Tia, Marc
  13. Hi guys, A book worth reading is "Textbook of seamanship" from 1891. Especially chapter 10 about the sails. Furling, bending, etc. and much more. Jerseycity Frankie, you probably already read it x-times ! Keep on modeling, Marc
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