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  1. Hello Henrik, Thank you for the nice words. I am still not sure what to do next. This is my fifth historic ship model . Perhaps I will try something completely different, for example a radio controlled boat, a tug-boat perhaps like the Imara. The Amati Victory would be interesting, too, but they have not yet made it available - unfortunately. By the way, I have just watched a Swedish movie (Let the right one in). This movie really impressed me, reminded me of my youth/childhood... Happy modelling Henrik. Greetings from Germany, Martin
  2. Already finished : Santa Maria, Bounty, Mistique, San Felipe

    Almost finished: Agamemnon

  3. Thank you Matthias for your suggestion. Your case looks really good. Especially the bottom part. The problem of the Agamemnon is the size; 130x50x100cms. I hope this is not causing any problems... Martin
  4. Hello again, Now I am almost finished. Only two things I have to do: Build a stand (I will make a similar stand to the one used during building, only with new timber. The other remaining task is to organize (buy?) a display case. I tried to order one from a British company that is selling acrylic cases custom- made. Unfortunately they do not provide cases of the size of the Agamemnon😩 If one of you has a suggestion for me, you are welcome!!
  5. Hello mobbsie, Your Agamemnon looks really great, especially in that display case. I have mostly finished mine (after a very very long time). I still have to make a stand. But my biggest problem is the display case. I gave in the measurements at the site of a company that makes display cases, but it was too large for them to build. Could you give me a hint, how I could solve that problem? I see your display case looks fantastic! Greetings Martin
  6. Thank you! I see that you have a very nice collection of completed ships. I must take a look sometime! Martin
  7. Hello Agamemnon-fans, I have just finished some more steps towards the end. Now there are only a few things to do: Instal the rest of the yard braces, attach the small boats and make a stand. I also have not yet found an appropriate display case , not so easy for a model of that size...
  8. Thank you Martyn , if I should decide to build a Vasa as a next project, I will try this one. I see flaws and "mistakes" in a kit as a challenge and almost all kits need some modifications. Important for me is that it is close to the original and the deAgostini seems to be very close! Greetings Martin
  9. Hello Martyn, You are doing a great job, I really like your Vasa and the figurines let the ship come alive! I am almost finished with my present ship (Agamemnon) and I consider doing the Vasa next. By coincidence I came upon the de Agostini version. Before, I only knew of the Corel, Mantua and Billing boat kits. But since the people from the Vasa museum seem to approve to the DeAgostini vasa, I wonder if it is the best version Do you agree? Can you recommend buying it? Happy modelling and greetings from Germany Martin
  10. Thank you sailor: You can never have enough patience , especially at our hobby!
  11. Thank you mort. I had a look at a few of your ships and I was also impressed!
  12. Thank you Jim. I liked your San Felipe , too ! Right now I am contemplating what to do next. Should I continue with the Batavia scratch build project, or will this be too complicated ? The Wasa is also a ship that appeals to me. Or should I do something completely new, like a radio controlled, swimming tug boat for example? I still have a few months for a decision, I guess 😉
  13. Another step forward: Finally I put on the yards. Since I am working fulltime now, the amount of time for the ship is limited. Who cares: The way is the goal!
  14. Hello Mr. Watton,

    I am a ship-modeller from Germany. With one exception (Batavia) I am a kit builder. Right now I am doing the final stages of the Agamemnon.

    By coincidence I found out that you have created a 1:64 version of the Victory for Amati. I have seen a few pictures and I am really impressed. Perhaps I would purchase the kit, but I read that it is not (yet?) released. Is this true and if it is, is there any date for a release yet?

    Greetings and best wishes,



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