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  1. RIP, David. 

  2. I love your shading and texturing. It really brings the old girl to life David B
  3. I am in awe Brian To make a working boat look classy but still be a working vessel is an art. I am green with eny. I would love to see that model up close. Dvid B
  4. Popeye, Look up MSC Industrial. They will have the sizes you want. I used to buy in packages of 10 ea because of shaky hands and if dropped they disappear into the unknown. http://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/01186204 David B
  5. Bravo. I wish I could have been there to see it in it's glory. Have you decided on the case yet? David B
  6. When my Dr told me that my markers were rising despite te different medications I asked him if I could be a candidate for radiation therapy. Since the Myeloma is my entire spine he said it would boe be helpful but might finish the job early. He has prescribed me a medication used for the treatment of AIDS that was found to slow down the cancer in my spine. David B
  7. My brother in law and sister have bought some fixer upers for rental or resale when taken care of and one of them need a complete redo of the living rom. Half the studs had been removed for some cheap insulation and Ed had a lot of work on hs hands fixing the studs and replacing the insulation. Once the weather warms up comes the dry wall and plaster. Fortunately he can do the work himself to cut down the the labor. David B
  8. One of the reason I like a solid hull is it can help me find the best run for the strakes. As for the Garboard, I always dreaded fitting the darn thing. If you are painting the hull what type of wood are you going to use? David B
  9. Congrats on a job well done. Too bad I cannot be at the meeting to cheer you on. fom what I have seen and been told you have a very bright future ahead of you in modeling. Put it in a case and enter it into the contest at Manitowoc. I think you will impress the judges and your fellow modelers. What do you have planned for your next project? David B
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