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    Obviously I enjoy scale model building, ships and my HO scale railroad layout are my main areas right now but I still do the occasional car model for people.
    I also highly enjoy wood working, especially lathe work. I make many things from pens and ornaments to bowls, plates, vases and goblets. Always experimenting and trying new ideas as I see them.
    Outside of these I also enjoy my wife, two dogs and outdoor activities like biking, camping and fishing.

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  1. Michael, The device is the "Professional Building Slip" by Hobbyzone. (Yes I had to look it up) I purchased mine through Hobbyworld-usa, who are located in New Hampshire but are a dealer for Hobbyzone stuff. My review of it would be overall positive. Honestly, the only real drawbacks are part of what make it good, it is heavy, and large. For someone building these large ships, those two items are excellent for helping to hold her steady when working. With all the clamping pieces fully adjustable and removable, I have been able to work on the ship in a variety of positions. The drawback comes in that it is not quick or easy to move the ship around and so if you are changing positions frequently, as I am at the moment working on the planking, it is easier to remove the ship from the slip. I will resume using her once I have finished the planking and am ready to resume work with the ship right side up. I am probably going to line the inside clamping edges with something soft however to prevent marring the finish. It feel as though it is a great addition to the shipyard and will likely become invaluable when I start attempting fully framed models.
  2. Another step closer! This picture was actually taken a few days ago over the weekend and now I am actually done on one side and should be complete on the other by the end of the week. Once the planking is done, it will be off to the wood shop for sanding and minor gap filling followed by finish coats.
  3. Another band of 8 strakes on each side completed. One more to go to complete the lower hull.
  4. Hi Tom! Thank you, and welcome! Never too late to view a build log each one offers something new to see and learn.
  5. Planking continues with the first band on each side complete.
  6. Elijah, thank you so much! As for the tracking of hours, nothing fancy. I simply make tally marks on the inside cover of the instruction booklet, crossing them off in sets of 25 for easy adding. I like keeping track of them in the booklet for the ship that way it stays with that models information when I file it away after completion.
  7. Incredible! It is like reading a book. Each deck is a different chapter with new settings and details each building upon one another to tell a complete story. I've always wanted to build a cross section and once again, I find myself inspired by your work. I may need to look into one more seriously. Well done!!
  8. Royal Louis’ ship yard is open again! That break was far longer than I had originally planned, but I wanted to finish Soleil Royal. Now that she is complete I can turn my full attention back here. With that, I spent some time taking inventory of my current wood selection and I was pleased to find that I should have enough of the mahogany wood that I used on the previous two French builds to complete the lower planking of Royal Louis. Not a lot of room for mistakes so I will need to go slow and be mindful of cuts and waste. Hopefully, with many states slowly opening back up, some of the local lumber mills may also open again and I can find new stock. For now though I build! So, welcome back to everyone! Looking forward to getting back into this ship!
  9. It has been 3 years and 5 months, 2,225 man hours and Le Soleil Royal is complete. What a build this has been. First off let me thank you all for joining me on this project. The encouragement, and help along the way has been more valuable than I can say. There are plenty of things that I do not fully like on how they turned out, some may be replaced in the future, others I will try to improve upon on the next build. This one saw a lot of first time experiences for me with the carvings being done myself, sails and lighting. Only way to go is up from here! The last component that I will likely add in the future are the flags. I do not like the look of the ones that came in the kit, as they are really only printed on one side of the material. I am looking into having some different ones made, but that likely will not be able to happen until the coronavirus situation has passed. I will update if/when that happens. For now, here are some of the finished pictures, more will be posted in the gallery link below. I am taking a few days to relax and enjoy the completed build as well as cleaning and reorganizing parts of the shipyard. Soon though, I will be returning to Royal Louis as she was set aside to finish S.R..
  10. This is a kit bashed version of the Sergal model. I built the interiors for the cabins, with LED lighting, and also took my first foray into ornamental carving, replacing all of the cast pieces provided in the kit with my own wood carved pieces. I added the sails and associated rigging as well as many other fittings and furniture that were either not supplied, or I chose to replace.
  11. Lanterns are built and installed. Suddenly I’m looking at a complete model of Soleil Royal. I will be posting final pictures soon as I want to take her outside to use the natural light.

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