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  1. Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I love the Byrnes but I'm not so sure I'll use it enough to justify the expense. I would like to get more into scratch building so there's that. I'm really feeling the pull to try Chucks Winchelsea ! I like everything about it.
  2. I was looking at those on ebay around 150 I don't know if there even worth buying. Maybe I'll save up some more.
  3. Anybody know of a decent cheap saw? I have the harbor freight one but I don't like it. Ripping planks is all I would probably use it for. Anybody have one of those ones off ebay? A Byrnes would be nice but out of my reach. Thanks
  4. This has to be the most impressive tutorial I have ever read. Thank you for explaining everything in such detail. I learned plenty from just reading through. What a beautiful build.
  5. Hey everybody I bought the tanker and it's nice. Shipped fast and well packed, in mint condition. I'm very pleased with everything it was a good experience and dealing with Paul was very easy, nice guy. Thanks again
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