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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome. Once I get the workstation setup and get building I’ll setup a log. Allan, good suggestion of the Maritime museum being a source for plans. I’ll investigate once they reopen after the COVID lockdown. Richard, I know what you mean about the build logs. They are an inspiration and I’ve been spending many a happy hour or so trawling through some fantastic builds. thanks again everyone. alan
  2. Hi Everyone. I’m Alan and live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I’ve dabbled a bit modelling a few years ago and actually completed Billings “Norden” back then. I’m looking to get back into the groove and have a few projects in mind. Before I hung up the tools, I actually started Billings “Mary Ann” so I have the keel, deck and a few planks fitted and I intend to get pick that up again. Looking at it now (and the finished Norden) I can see many (embarrassing) mistakes so I’m intending to call on the collective advice of you good folks to help me along the way. I also have
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