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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome. Once I get the workstation setup and get building I’ll setup a log. Allan, good suggestion of the Maritime museum being a source for plans. I’ll investigate once they reopen after the COVID lockdown. Richard, I know what you mean about the build logs. They are an inspiration and I’ve been spending many a happy hour or so trawling through some fantastic builds. thanks again everyone. alan
  2. Hi Everyone. I’m Alan and live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I’ve dabbled a bit modelling a few years ago and actually completed Billings “Norden” back then. I’m looking to get back into the groove and have a few projects in mind. Before I hung up the tools, I actually started Billings “Mary Ann” so I have the keel, deck and a few planks fitted and I intend to get pick that up again. Looking at it now (and the finished Norden) I can see many (embarrassing) mistakes so I’m intending to call on the collective advice of you good folks to help me along the way. I also have a Sergal "Thermopylae" in the box which I got as a kit from a friend as a present and I’m afraid to say has lain untouched since that kind gesture. Time to rectify that methinks. Thermopylae is particularly interesting to me as it was built here in Aberdeen and is a fine looking ship. Also have the Aberdeen Maritime Museum locally for plenty inspiration and reference. I also have lots of connections to offshore Oil and Gas having spent many years on service vessels, but my main interest is the fishing (herring) industry as both my Grandfathers and extended family were fishermen working on North Sea trawlers out of Fraserburgh. My Father was a carpenter and worked in a small boat yard pretty much all his working life – J & G Forbes in Sandhaven, Aberdeenshire and I’ve been looking to see if there is some model available with connection to that yard. I remember well the huge excitement as a boy to watch the launch down the slips of these fine crafted fishing vessels -- good memories. I was delighted to see that the Vanguard Fifie “Lady Eleanor” is based on the Fifie “Reaper” which was actually build at J & G Forbes in 1901, way before my father’s time but non the less I think this will be my next project after Thermopylae. Probably then tackle Vanguard Zulu “Lady Isabella” …. keeping to the herring fishing theme and if I can find a seine net trawler kit modelled on something built and used in the North Sea in 60’s / 70’s then I’ll have a look at that or alternatively maybe something completely different such as “HMS Terror” which alongside “HMS Erebus” has such a fascinating story in the ice navigating for the Northwest Passage. So, I’ve plenty plans but certainly currently don’t have the skills and craft to do these fine models justice but my intention is to learn as much as I can. Glad to be part of the community and looking forward to the challenges ahead. Cheers Alan
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