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  1. Working in the bireme has been very slow for a couple of weeks. Basically nothing has been done for about a month... Now I hope I will have some time for it! Today I have manufactured about a dozen oars. Approx 1/4 of what I need. Hull is almost complete, just a few planks left to do.
  2. Planking is coming around slowly but surely. About 75% done. To do something different for a while I have started on the oars. 50 needs to be done. So two done forty eight to go! I use my Dremel as a mini lathe. Stick the wood in the chuck and grind it down with sandpaper. Works very well but one needs to be careful or the wooden stick might snap if too much pressure is applied.
  3. Slowly but surely the hull is taking shape. No pictures as there is not much to see (except some more planks...)😉 Usually I can add one plank per side per evening. The glue needs to dry and so on. But sometimes life intrudes so maybe 3-4 planks per side per week is more realistic. I look forward to the rigging part, working with rigging is my favorite part in model ship building.
  4. Time for a quick update. didn't have any spare time to build while on vacation but now everything is back to normal so finally some time to work on this model! The instructions says to fit the top plank first so I have done that, so far so good. When planking I usually fit one plank per side per day. My process is fairly slow, test fit, if necessary bend it using a plank bender, test fit again, put it in hot water for a while to soften it, fit it in its place, waiting for it to dry, and finally glue it into place, wait for the glue to set and done. It takes time though so getting m
  5. The deck has been attached. The wood/veneer is really thin so it warps easily. I glued it with quick drying white glue. Next time I'll use more slow drying glue as this is almost too quick. As I said before this will be a "quick and dirty" build, (quick in shipbuilding for me still means quite some time...) It is my third Dusek kit, I must say I am fond of them. Good models, excellent instructions and pleasant to build. A cluttered picture of stuff. I'll join the family for some vacation (they are already in the mountains but I'm still working
  6. After som professional help I have been able to insert a picture! It might be a small step for mankind but a giant leap for me... @ccoyle If we were on the same continent I would buy you a beer as a thank you, but unfortunately I´m in Sweden. But if you happen to visit Sweden I will buy you one and show you the Wasa museum!
  7. 8701949A-D489-4F76-B6DB-79A444DA3892.heic Thx for good info! I have many skills but working with computers is not one of them... I will try to improve.
  8. Even no picture I noticed. Photobucket is not cooperating... Will have to find another place from where to upload pictures.
  9. After a long break from ship modeling, for many reasons, I started building OcCres Cazador. But it felt like all my wood working skills hade abandoned me. Whatever I did pieces broke, did fit, or ended up the wrong way. Basically I failed in everything. Finally I decided to take a break and work on an easier kit to get some confidence back. From the vaults I got my trusty Greek Bireme and started to build it instead. So far only one (lousy) picture but more is on the way. Anyway, the mode lkit is great (as all Duseks are according to me) and is going together smoothly. There are ot
  10. Beautiful! Great work. I'm thinking of buying the kit but have not decided yet.
  11. I would suggest the Pinta as a good starting kit from Dusek. I have built it and it is an fairly easy build. The instructions are very good. The kit is not that expensive either. So if it matches your criteria in period, accuracy and so on it is a good one to start with.
  12. There might not be a good tutorial for the model you choose. Hopefully there is a thread here on this forum, but don't count on it. Check out the ships from Dusek. I have built two models from them and have a third in the closet. The instructions have been very good. In many cases they are available on their webpage to down load. that way you can have a look at them before you decide if you want to go ahead and buy and build. If you really feel for a more advanced model go ahead and buy it and start to build! It is a hobby after all, nothing "important". In the absolute worst case
  13. Are you a complete beginner to building models or do you have any previous experience with other forms of models? Have you built plastic models? Have you worked with wood, building other things in wood (model houses, wagons, cannons?) Are you patient? Do you enjoy doing the same thing many times over without being bored? Building ship models demands patience and the ability to do repetitive tasks again and again and again. Finally to be a bit blunt if you tried the Golden Hind and failed chances are you will fail with the next "big" model also. I STRONGLY suggest you st
  14. Long time no posts😀 I'm currently working in country where there is no possibility to do any modeling. But late summer 2020 I will be back in civilization! So to prepare for that I have started to scout for suitable models! Back home on the workbench Occres Cazador Is waiting, but I think about Billings HMS Renown. That is a small quick easy build of an interesting boat/ship. I also, by mistake, found out about Artesanias Sopwith Camel in 1:16 scale. As soon as I saw it I got a tightness in my chest and I know I will build it sometime. Sometimes
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