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  1. My Mayflower is about 3/4 completed, and the Hackney book (which I've had since the 70s) is amazing! It even has a chapter of shortcuts if you don't want to super detail it. Best of luck with your build! The next time I pull it out to work on it, I'm going to paint over the colored triangles.
  2. 'k, thanx! I probably misinterpreted the reference... In "Constitution Close Up: Minutiae for the Modeler and Artist" by Cmdr Tyrone G. Martin, U.S. Navy (retired}, he writes "1804 - Ship fitted with single wheel. [Quarter Bill, American Antiquarian Society.] Inferred from the fact that the bill provides for only two men on the wheel." And then "Feb 1809 - Ship fitted with double wheel. [Midshipman John M. Funck Quarter Bill, USSCM.] Inferred from the fact that four men are provided for the wheel." Maybe the ship's wheel was damaged and they had to use a single until proper
  3. I've read when the original frigates were built, they had single wheels (the USS CONSTITUTION in Boston now has a double wheel). What would the single wheel arrangement look like?
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